A delightful ode to the synthesiser’s beauty
ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - PVT

Where can you find B-movie soundtrack specialist John Carpenter sharing a stage with Glaswegian odd-step producer Rustie, minimal techno don Ricardo Villalobos and legendary muso Brian Eno? The Clash DJ podcast, obviously. As if you didn’t already know.

Undertaken by experimental synth-rock act PVT (formerly known as Pivot), the exclusive tones of this week’s mix are a delightful ode to the synthesiser’s beauty and influence in modern music, beginning with a sound exploration by fellow synth-fetishist Benge, before moving through John Carpenter, Eno, everybody’s favourite authentic electro-popster Gary Numan, an alternative New Order track and the schizophrenic electronica of Actress, to name but a few.

After making a name for themselves as a killer live outfit – mixing live electronica with a post-punk attitude – and a fascinating and unique debut (‘O Soundtrack My Heart’) that captured the energy and melodics of those gigs, PVT signed to Warp Records in 2008. Combining their passion for live performances with an intense recording schedule, the band are now set to release their follow-up album, ‘Church With No Magic’, released through Warp on August 9.


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PVT Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Benge - 1976 Yamaha CS80

2. John Carpenter - End Credits

3. Brian Eno - The Big Ship

4. Cluster - Halwa

5. Gary Numan - Airplane

6. New Order - Confusion [Alternate Version]

7. Rustie - Zig Zag

8. Actress - Supreme Cunnilingus

9. Drummers of the Societe Absolutement Gunin - Afranchi

10. Ricardo Villalobos - Fools Garden (Black Conga)

11. Liars - Broken Witch

12. Alan Vega - Kung Foo Cowboy

13. Tonetta - My Bro

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