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A heady cosmic funk trip

Crate-digging disconauts Psychemagik guide us through a heady cosmic funk trip in this week’s Clash DJ podcast.

The duo have quickly become known for their love of rare, golden grooves, as well as for crafting their own genre-bending, disco-tipped dancefloor cuts. They also do a mean line in spacey re-edits, including beautifully tripped-out reworks of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ and ‘Everywhere’ that have probably kept SoundCloud in business.

Psychemagik’s Clash mix is a nostalgic affair, traversing all kinds of funk and dipping into psychedelia, gospel hop, ‘80s glitterball and much more. Mischievous as ever, they’ve decided not to give us the full tracklist of the rare and raw gems they’ve unearthed, whetting our appetites with a few hints – hence the somewhat sparse tracklist… Anyone who can identify the rest of the stash wins big respect from Psychemagik.

We chatted to the duo about mix-making and re-editing.

Tell me about your mix:

We wanted to go a little deeper and show some of the tracks we bug out to afterhours and in our down time. It’s a mix of some of the new tribal electronic beats that are killing it right now and some olden golden nuggets from the crates, ‘80s new wave, disco, gospel rap, weirdo edits, disco rap, Bollywood, etc.

When making a mix, do you have an idea of the vibe you want to achieve or is it usually done on the fly?

Usually we wanna get amongst all our favourite new records. But we also like to flip some old classics too, it depends on the flow, which usually guides itself and we dutifully follow.

Give us a bit of background on how Psychemagik came to be:

We met at a festival six years ago and started making beats pretty much right away. We had no aims other than to make music that we loved and to enjoy the process of making it as much as possible. At the time we had an amazing space, which gave us the freedom to be really creative without any neighbours or noise restrictions. It was a magical time and I think that energy transferred in to the music naturally and without effort.

You’re known for your re-edits and remixes. Do you think creating a great re-edit or remix can be just as satisfying as writing your own track?

Not as satisfying, no, but any successful creative endeavour will give you happiness when you break through the barriers and find the magic.

What have you got planned for the coming months?

Before Christmas we made a new female vocal track called ‘Black, Noir, Schwartz’ that’s a monster club killer and we can’t wait to release that this year. We’ve been playing it at all our DJ sets and crowds have been going buckwild to it. We’re also doing an Allstar Edits compilation with some of the deepest players in the disco scene that’s super FRESH!

Psychemagik’s ‘Lunar Escape’ EP is out now and ‘Magik Sunrise’, a follow-up to their ‘Magik Cyrkles’ compilation will be released soon.

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Psychemagik tracklist

Jean-Luc Ponty – Ethereal Mood (Cyclist Remix)
Escape From New York – Fire in My Heart
Try To Find Me – Needs Editing
Eddie Fisher – Early Morning
Two Freesh – Mr. Tron (Space Age Funk)
Sandra Taylor – Rock Me Well (Club Remix)

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