Tears deep through techno’s underbelly
ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Juan Atkins

Yep, Juan Atkins steps up. And that’s really all you need to know.

But our babbling, techno-addled excitement wouldn’t allow us to leave it there, especially when Clash has been given the exclusive first play of a new track, ‘Dark Side’, crafted by Atkins and Mark Ernestus (of seminal Berlin techno duo Basic Channel) and remixed by Ricardo Villalobos, making for a formidable trio of techno powerhouses. The new track is a spacey, bubbling number, utilising both Ernestus’ stripped-back minimalism and Atkins’ more mechanical sound.

As for Atkins, volumes has been written about him, but as a summary it’s safe to say he’s an undisputed lynchpin in Detroit’s second wave of techno and has been a general driving force in electronic music for decades, whether through his own future funk-traversing techno innovations or the cosmic, mind-expanding electro of his Model 500 project.

For his Clash mix, Atkins tears deep through techno’s underbelly, journeying through raw basement beats, lasered funk, dubbed-out hypnotics and straight-up, pounding rushes, taking in tracks from contemporary techno warrior Shed (via his WK7 alias) Robert Hood’s Floorplan moniker, classical musician/techno producer Francesco Tristano and the experimental Chicago house/Detroit techno blends of DJ Hyperactive.

Unsurprisingly, it’s an utterly compelling mix – full of energy and character, and a fine indication of why Atkins is still hailed as a modern master.

‘Dark Side’, a new track by Juan Atkins and Mark Ernestus, will be released on Metroplex Records (Metroplex 040) in April. Atkins plays Bloc. Series 1 in London on March 9, with a DJ set and live performance from Model 500.

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Juan Atkins Tracklist

1. Juan Atkins and Mark Ernestus - Dark Side (Ricardo Villalobos remix)
2. Franklin De Costa - Birdy
3. Floorplan - Living It Up (Original Mix)
4. George Absent & Valano - Bubbles of Life
5. A.Paul - Monadic Spark (Original Mix)
6. WK7 - Do It Yourself (Original Mix)
7. A. Trebor - No Man’s Land (Raffaele Attanasio’s Dub Remix)
8. Sam Ball - Handsome (Original Mix)
9. Paulice - South American Circus (Agaric’s Backwards Man Remix)
10. Francesco Tristano - Hello (Remix By Tom Taylor)
11. RFS - Summx
12. Pig & Dan - Mooshi
13. Random Audio - The Ensemble
14. Dodi Palese - Switch
15. Maan - L1 (ROD Remix)
16. Patrick Zigon - The End My Friend
17. Kölsch - Opa (Original Mix)
18. DJ Hyperactive - Wide Open (Len Faki DJ Edit)

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