Part two of our BPitch Contol takeover

Part two of the BPitch Control takeover of the Clash podcast sees an innovative talent from Ellen Allien’s label provide some exclusive sounds for Clash – Jahcoozi.

Based in Berlin but with band members originating from London/Sri Lanka, Israel and Germany, this multi-national and multi-talented trio have been making waves on the underground with their unique take on dub and bass – often melodic, often heavy, their sound is given further resonance by the lyrics and MCing of Sasha Perera.

Beginning with a brooding dub track – remixed by Deadbeat – from their upcoming album, Jahcoozi’s mix melts fluidly into a deep, dark carcophony of bass-driven textures, including 2562, Untold (a big favourite for Clash podcasts of late), King Midas Sound and the untouchable Rustie remix of Zomby’s Spliff Dub.

And though there’s plenty of fine dub cuts on there, this mix is far from a one-trick pony, morphing through twisted styles of techno, IDM, glitch and ambient. Much like Jahcoozi’s own distinctive, vast sound, this mix has atmosphere oozing out of its pores. A unique and heavy set which refuses to be ignored.

Jahcoozi’s third album, ‘Barefoot Wanderer’, is released on 19 April on BPitch Control.


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Jahcoozi Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Jahcoozi - WatchingYou (Deadbeat Stalker Dub)

2. 2562 - Lost

3. Eskmo - Harmony

4. 16bit - Jump

5. Jahcoozi – Barefoot Dub

6. Untold - I Can’t Stop This Feeling

7. Stereotyp meets Alhaca Soundsystem - Nu Styling

8. 2562 - Kameleon

9. Robot Koch - Gorom Sen

10. Martin Kemp - Charisma

11. Pangaea - Sunset Yellow

12. Pangaea - Dead Living

13. Untold - Dante

14. Pangaea - Because of You

15. Zomby - Spliff Dub (Rustie remix)

16. Jahcoozi-Zoom In Fantasize

17. King Midas Sound - Sometimes

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