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Something very special this week, as renowned dub-techno producer Rod Modell – Deepchord – supplies a uniquely atmospheric DJ mix.

A sound artist with 25 years of electronic music experience under his belt, Modell was heavily influenced by Detroit techno luminaries like Juan Atkins and Derrick May whilst living in the city in the early nineties, going on to create Deepchord with Mike Schommer, who has since parted ways, leaving it as the solo project of Modell.

The duo went on to produce and release a huge body of important work, helping to create a new template for dub-techno with their ambient behemoth of a sound, furthering the distinctive tones developed several years before them by seminal German duo Basic Channel.

Modell’s mix explores characteristically hazy dub and sedated techno, veering in and out of smoky soundscape territory and building up ambient walls of sound, before melting into gritty industrial electronica and livelier minimal techno that recalls the Detroit glory days. Featured artists in Modell’s mix include experimental Swiss producer/composer Thomas Fehlmann, downbeat tech artist Pole, underground British techno duo The Advent, and Detroit stalwart Theo Parrish.

Deepchord’s new album, ‘Hash-Bar Loops’, is released on Soma Records on 4 July.

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Deepchord DJ Mix Tracklisting

1. Deepchord – Spirits

2. Kotai + Mo – She Bouncer

3. Clubroot – Dry Cured

4. Thomas Fehlmann – Berliner Luftikus

5. Martin Shulte – Researches Of Depths

6. Pola – Fatal

7. The Black Dog – Strip Light Hate

8. Theo Parish – Heal Yourself And Move

9. Deepchord – Tangier

10. Blir – Untitled, Track 3 – Raster Edits

11. Jonas Bering – Bienfait 4

12. Signer – Dreaming About Making Music To Dream To

13. Rod Modell – Cloud Over (Incense & Black Light)

14. The Black Dog – DISinformation Desk

15. Pole – Rondell 2

16. Sustainer – Modulo

17. The Advent – Electro 8.07 FM

18. Deepchord – Sofitel (Processed)

19. Kotai + Mo – Bu

20. Blir Untitled, Track 8 – Raster Edits

21. Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Dupree – Moving Light

22. Fluxion – Sub Marine

23. Joel Tammik – Ese

24. MERV – Melted Vein

25. Kotai + Mo – L-Dancer

26. Steve Roach – Ancestral Horizon

27. Blir – Untitled, Track 8 – Raster Edits

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