ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast – Deadbeat

A punchy, beat-led track selection

A mix from an artist who leads their field is always appreciated here at Clash, so when masterful dub-techno veteran Deadbeat – Scott Monteith – offered to flex his mixing muscles for us, we hastily accepted. The result is a punchy, beat-led track selection, showcasing Monteith’s energetic side.

Deadbeat is, in the broadest sense, an electronic dub artist, but his musical palette goes far wider, fusing his productions with deep, tech-laden ragga and crackly, sparse ambience. After producing for over 15 years, Monteith has indeed mastered his craft.

An ambient rework of a Pantha du Prince track opens up the mix, which melts into crisp, minimal dub from Sven Weisemann and works its way into heavier form, through Matias Aguayo’s much-used tech-house stomper ‘Dance Machine’, ex-Headhunter Addison Groove’s manic ‘Make Um Bounce’ and Dutch progressive-dub prodigy 2562, with a cut from his latest warped disco album.

The mix finishes with some typically refined but heavy dub atmospherics, via ‘Fourth Quarter (Cala’s House)’, one of Monteith’s own tracks taken from his new album, ‘Drawn and Quartered’, which is out now on BLKRTZ.

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Deadbeat DJ Mix Tracklisting

1. Pantha du Prince – Welt am Draht (Mortiz Von Oswald version) [Rough Trade]

2. Sven Weissman – Caprice [Mojuba]

3. The Mole – For the Lost [Internajonal]

4. Farben – Live at the Sahara Tahoe [Faitiche]

5. Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts – Walking the Pattern [Circus Company]

5. Matias Aguayo – Dance Machine [Kompakt]

6. Ernesto Ferreyra – Mille y Una Noches [Cadenza]

7. Efdemin – Shoeshine (Deadbeat Remix) [Dial]

8. Isolee – Thirteen Times an Hour [Pampa]

9. Shed – Keep Time [Ostgut Ton]

10. Addison Groove – Make Um Bounce [Tectonic]

11. Jurgen Paape – Triumph [Kompakt]

12. 2562 – Aquatic Family Affair [When in Doubt]

13. Sebastian San – Shades [Echocord Colour]

14. Cobblestone Jazz – Sun Child [Wagon Repair]

15. Deadbeat – Fourth Quarter (Cala’s House) [BLKRTZ]

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