A genre-leaping dancefloor-slaying selection

Bristol producer Artifact lays down a genre-leaping dancefloor-slaying selection for the latest addition to the Clash DJ podcast.

The latest in a long line of talent from Bristol, Artifact – Ryan Bonfield – is certainly one of the most innovative of the crop of new UK producers, with a sound that’s frequently heavy and bass-driven, but never easy to pin down.

His Clash mix takes in a host of dark dance delights, via Jon Convex, Scuba, Jimmy Edgar, Trevino and plenty more.

We caught up with Ryan to chat about his mix and the much-discussed ‘Bristol sound’.

Tell us a bit about your mix:

The mix is simply a snapshot of where I am musically at the moment, it’s pretty much how a standard set of mine would go down! I like to keep it fairly tough with some soft touches, generally all in a techno or house vein.

Give us a bit of musical background on yourself – how and when you started writing music and producing:

I started writing music from a young age in several bands, but started producing when I was around 19, making dubstep at the time, and eventually moved my sound on after I moved to Bristol. I’ve always tried to draw ideas from my musical past, this helps make the sound personal to me. I find this is the best way to create an individual sound.

There’s a lot of different styles at play in your sound. What would you say are some of your main influences?

At the moment, I’d have to say a lot of techno is having a big influence on my sound. From Ostgut Ton to even Drumcode, I’ve been incorporating the sounds into my music. Aside from that I still draw a lot of my dubstep production influences, so I like to make sure there is plenty of bass, and a strong forward rhythm.

How does the ‘Worn’ EP differ from your previous releases?

The Worn EP was a real big step for me musically from my previous 12” on Deadplate. I was really trying to experiment with sounds, mixing garage, techno and even some bassline, with the focus pretty much fully on the dancefloor. Local Action is a great place to try out new sounds, they’ve been pushing fresh new music for a while now!

Do you see yourself as aligned with the current ‘Bristol sound’ that’s coming out of the city through various new producers?

I do and I don’t. My sound doesn’t fully fit into the Bristol house sound that’s really gaining national and even international recognition at the moment, but there are more and more producers here who are doing their own thing and breaking the boundaries. The universities here bring a lot of sounds together, and I think the bigger picture of Bristol is much more than what the press has been calling the ‘Bristol Sound’, with guys like Livity Sound, Young Echo, nights like Peng Sound and DJs like My Nu Leng and Ziro pushing their own sounds. The diversity is way too wide to just class as one sound.

What have you got planned for the future – releases, live shows, other projects…?

I’ve just had a 12” drop on Italy’s Rebirth Records, which I am rather happy with, and my next single is a 12” on the amazing somethinksounds in January. I’m really excited to be working with these guys, they have such a strong reputation and aesthetic that I’ve loved for a while!

Artifact’s ‘Worn’ EP is out now on Local Action.

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Artifact tracklist

1. The Mole - Hippy Speedball [Ostgut Ton]
2. Kommune1 - ShadowKick [Magic Wire Recordings]
3. Jack Dixon - FindShelter [Hotflush]
4. Basic Soul Unit - Late Nite Shift [Midnight Shift]
5. Scuba - Hardbody [Hotflush]
6. Baby Prince - Nobody (Miguel Campbell Club Mix) [Somethink Sounds]
7. Jimmy Edgar - Sex Drive (Jon Convex Dub Remix) [Hotflush]
8. Unknown - Unknown
9. Indigo - Kali [Hypercolour]
10. Trevino - Under Surveillance [Applepips]
11. Jon Convex - Aversion [Convex Industries]
12. Deepchild - Bleeding Down The Night [Thoughtless Music]
13. Artifact - Drain [Local Action]
14. Clouds - Krafterah [Turbo]

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