Paramore, Ed Sheeran, some horrible house...

Yes, this might have run yesterday. But we Englishmen had the rare instance of a Bank Holiday to keep us away from work. So, here are yesterday’s singles, today. Don’t pretend like you missed them.

- - -

Paramore – ‘Ain’t It Fun’

Saw some of this lot on the Reading coverage over the weekend. Seemed pretty popular, and possibly wholly responsible for the current comeback of the crop-top. This song is alright, ain’t it? But while a lot of the activities in the video look like they are, indeed, fun, riding in the back of an open-top car, standing up, really isn’t a good look. Regardless of how flat your stomach is, being cut in half by a low-hanging branch is never a pretty scene.

- - -

Tom Vek – ‘Pushing Your Luck’

We waited ages for a second Tom Vek album, didn’t we? But a more regular turnaround time between 2011’s ‘Leisure Seizure’ and this year’s ‘Luck’ didn’t allow for that yearning for more to re-emerge: thus, few really seemed to care for album three. Nevertheless, while its parent LP is a little lacklustre overall, ‘Pushing Your Luck’ is silky synth-pop with percussive smarts – like half-remembering a Late Of The Pier song while on a 2p machine roll on Brighton Pier.  

- - -

Duke Dumont – ‘Won’t Look Back’

Two previous singles, two previous number ones, says Wikipedia. Which either means that we’re still in 1994, given this track’s throwback house styling; or people are, as Slipknot once so sagely observed, shit. I can picture a slew of Balearic-holidaying wankers winding and grinding their sweaty loins against complete strangers. This is your soundtrack to the next series of Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents. And you are all to blame.

- - -

Wiley – ‘Know The Words’

Look beyond all the bottoms and this is the single greatest music video of 2014. Rather this than Hamsterdam, right Lester? The song’s great too – one of those perfectly pitched summertime anthems that arrives just in time for the downpours.

- - -

Ed Sheeran – ‘Don’t’

The most important man in British urban music is back with another powerhouse cut. Don’t sleep on this shit – it can’t be tamed! Listen to the rhymes, listen to them. Dude, you are on fire. Conceptually, this is about someone cheating on Our Ed. Which makes it a Poundland ‘Cry Me A River’, really.

- - -

Next week: someone else doing the singles.

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