Clash Premiere: Still Corners – Strange Pleasures

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Of course, it was never supposed to be this way.

Still Corners began almost by accident, a success story which owed a debt to the kinetic pace of the internet. Snapped up by Sub Pop, the band were thrust into a world of media engagements, radio sessions and long journeys through the night across endless continents.

Experiencing a huge amount both as artists and people, Still Corners reconvened last year. Greg Hughes helmed sessions at his own studio, with singing partner Tessa Murray on hand to contribute throughout.

The results are gathered on 'Strange Pleasures' (read Clash's review here). Whereas the band's debut was heavily indebted to shoegaze textures, this new effort finds Still Corners exploring these influences in a new way.

There's a metallic sheen to the production, a tough beauty which recalls 80s synth pop. Electronic flourishes pepper the languid guitars, with the cold nature of the recording matched by Tessa Murray's warm, open, humane vocals.

Out now via Sub Pop, 'Strange Pleasures' is a subtle, beguiling return – something which holds its secrets close to its chest.

ClashMusic are able to present a UK exclusive stream of Still Corners' new album, alongside a track-by-track guide from Greg Hughes.

This is a collection of songs written directly after Creatures Of An Hour, we didn't think about any of it, Tessa and I just sat down and recorded. That's why it's called 'Strange Pleasures', because these songs were a little different for us but we loved them just the same. We wanted to create magic, let it all come out and not think about it too much. This is a record for the summer, for heat, for exploration, for love and rolling the windows down…

The Trip
I jotted the lyrics down when driving 36 hours from Minnapolis to Vancouver. Have you ever seen the sun come down over Montana? It's like a crack in the sky , orange and immense. There's nothing out there. It's easy to drive, the roads are straight. If everyone's asleep you're alone. This is a song for travelling.

Beginning To Blue
Sometimes you experience that moment when you're with someone and you realise that it isn't what it used to be, it was different, now it's all beginning to blue. Where there's love though there's hope so maybe some of you turn it around and make a new start, that's great too.

I Can't Sleep
Sleepless nights because the one you love isn't there and you just run films of them over and over in your head and it keeps you awake.

All I Know
The only knowledge obtainable by man isn't that life is meaningless as Tolstoy would have us believe, it's that we really don't know anything. Love, girls, boys, work, riots, etc., all unknowable. This is a song about the unknown and embracing it.

Life is a brief firework display just like a firefly, enjoy every moment of it as much as you can. Dance, sing and grab someone you love and make it count.

Berlin Lovers
Remember when you were young and being with the person you loved was all that mattered?

Future Age
Throw away your television…

Going Back To Strange
Sometimes you leave a place because it drives you crazy. Sometimes you leave that place and you're gone a long time. But after a while you start thinking about it again and little things you once loved start coming back to you. You inch closer and closer to it but you don't even realise it's happening. You eventually do return and go back to strange.

Dance until you drop dead.

Midnight Drive
When you can't sleep so you get in your car and drive. Maybe you're with someone. You look forward to getting lost out there. I've always been fascinated by driving in the city early in the morning, like 5am. Everyone is still asleep, the city is just waking up. The streets are empty – it's beautiful.

We Killed The Moonlight
A silhouette against a window at night. The room is bathed in midnight blue. It's late.

Strange Pleasures
Exploration, the desert, and love.

– – –

Still Corners have confirmed the following shows:

3 Liverpool Sound City
4 Leeds Live At Leeds
5 Salford SFTOC / St. Philips Church
6 Brighton The Albert
8 Cambridge Portland Arms
9 London XOYO
10 Birmingham Hare & Hounds
11 Bristol Louisiana

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