A selection of lo-fi, haunted techno and cosmic oddities...
Thug Entrancer


Get well and truly mesmerised by our latest mix artist, the delightfully named Thug Entrancer, who floats a selection of lo-fi, haunted techno and cosmic oddities to charm, puzzle and lead you astray.

After becoming heavily involved in the DIY electronic music community within his native Colorado, Thug Entrancer (Ryan McRyhew) made a move to Chicago, fusing elements of that city’s immense musical heritage with his own stripped-back approach to producing. The result is an ultra-sparse, gently glitchy hybrid of classic house, footwork, electronica and 8-bit. It’s exactly as weird and inviting as it sounds, and sits perfectly on aptly named avant label Software Recording Co., run by one Daniel Lopatin – AKA Oneohtrix Point Never.

McRyhew sheds a little light on his sonic palette through his Clash mix, a quietly insistent instruction to the listener to lock in to the other-worldly rhythms and stay right there. It’s a hypnotic journey, occasionally intense and almost uncomfortable at points, but well worth the bumpy ride. Techno mainstays Carl Craig and Robert Hood rub shoulders with leftfield warriors such as AFX and Throbbing Gristle in McRyhew’s rhythmical quest, which the producer explains below.

“This mix is about progression through electronic rhythm. The songs I selected all have a unique driving pulse. Whether it’s the dreamy synthesized reeds in ‘At Les’, the conflicting, nearly nauseating bounce of ‘Port of Nuba’ or Rhythm & Sound’s static emptiness, each track provides a great variation on rhythm. There’s also a deep appreciation of experimentation in this mix. ‘Dance of the Spirit Catchers’ constantly evolves through wobbly vintage synth strikes until it crescendos into this industrial wall of sound, all derived from a single analogue synth. ‘Transient’ takes us down from that heaviness into a haunting, warehouse dance party. ‘United’ rounds out the mix out and solidifies the theme. United by rhythm and the love of sound. The mix was compiled during a late night at my apartment in Denver, Colorado".

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1. Carl Craig - At Les [Planet E]
2. Gas - Untitled #4 [Mille Plateaux]
3. Robert Hood - Self Powered [Axis]
4. Porter Ricks - Port of Nuba [Type] 
5. Ø - Röntgen - Sähkö [Recordings]
6. David Kanaga - Variations 3 [Self-released]
7. AFX - In the Maze Park [Rephlex]
8. Adonis - We're Rocking Down the House [Trax Records]
9. Rhythm & Sound - Distance [Rhythm & Sound]
10. Africans with Mainframes - Djibouti [Crème Organization]
11. Gamelan Son Of Lion/Elena Carey - D.N.A [Locust Music]
12. Thug Entrancer - Death After Life III [Software Records]
13. Ghostwriters - Dance of the Spirit Catchers [Zero Records]
14. Aurora Halal - Transient [Self Released]
15. Throbbing Gristle - United [Industrial Records]


Words: Tristan Parker

- - -

Thug Entrancer’s ‘Life After Death’ album is released by Software Recording Co. on February 10th.

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