Bassline master delivers an exclusive selection...

Remember T2's 'Heartbroken'? Of course you do; the bassline hit was an all-encompassing cut in 2007. Leeds producer Tafazwa Tawonezvi made a massive impression with follow-up tracks like 'Gonna Be Mine' and ‘Butterflies’ that made their way steadily into the collective consciousness.

We're seeing bassline elements creep ever further into underground electronic music at the moment, with artists like Tarquin teasing out bassline-oriented bangers on Unknown To The Unknown, so it seemed like a good idea for the producer to helm a brand new - though decidedly old skool in its focus - mix.

Press play below and head into an hour of nostalgia; all plucked string garage, punchy bassline house and sugar-coated anthems, with remixes of SWV, Brandy, and, naturally, the almighty 'Heartbroken’.

- - -

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T2's new EP 'Return Of The Grandmaster' will be released in July.

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