French heavyweight ratchets up the temperature...

In dance music, there are some names you can simply trust.

They're like a brand name: break open the tin, and you what you're going to get. In the best possible way, that applies to POPOF.

The French producer's catalogue never dips below excellent, exploring the outer recesses of house and techno in its most physical, dance-able form.

New cut 'Lidl Girl' is almost pop, with its supple vocal melody - courtesy of Arno Joey - seeming to tease out each and every note.

Stripped from recent full length 'Love Somebody', the duo explain: "'Lidl Girl' tells the story of a young seductress played out over catchy melodies and housey beats that stay in line with the spirit of the album".

Given a full 12 inch release on Hot Creations, 'Lidl Girl' has received some frankly delicious re-works. With that in mind, Clash has handed the reins of our mix series to POPOF - and he doesn't disappoint.

An absolute masterclass in electronic manipulation, this is perfect for the rising temperatures and long evenings. Tune in now.

1. Knit - Hook
2. Piers Crozier - Once Again
3. Popof - One Chance In Three
4. Unknown
5. Unknown
6. Kevin Over - Djengis
7. Piem & Level Groove - Our House
8. Cabin fever - Side Elements Of Life
9. Popof - Lidl Girl (Kerri Chandler Remix)
10. Bootshonk- Ghost White
11. GotSome - Heart Starts (Phil Weeks Remix)
12. The Sound Republic - Pimp (Jason Hodges Remix)
13. Daze Maxim- Heaven Raw
14. Matthew Styles - Wrong Move
15. Popof - Record In

- - -

'Lidl Girl' is out now on Hot Creations (order LINK)

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