Clash DJ Mix Podcast – House Of Black Lanterns

Dylan Richards introduces his new project...

House of Black Lanterns weaves an intricate tapestry of terror in this week’s Clash DJ podcast.

Also known as fearsome dub/dancehall/breaks/electronica mangler King Cannibal, producer Dylan Richards’ new project delves into even darker territory, building intense, smoky moods from lingering synths amid shattered dub and techno fragments and jittery rhythms, as demonstrated on his recent HoBL debut album, ‘Kill The Lights’.

Richards’ painstakingly put-together Clash mix as House of Black Lanterns takes the horror soundtrack element favoured in his work and runs with it. This is a huge, sprawling affair, screaming with atmosphere and taking in sinister, John Carpenter-ish soundtrack vibes alongside contemporary moments. Richards possesses a solid track record in putting together mixes from his years as ZILLA, where he nailed various eclectic electronica-leaning mixtapes, and it shines through here.

Featured on the mix are French electro meddler Gesaffelstein, new techno warrior Cosmin TRG, groove-house specialist Nina Kraviz, shadowy electro maestros Drexciya and a few upcoming HoBL exclusives on Hypercolour and Apple Pips, but this isn’t intended as a checklist of producers or a mix to ignite the dancefloor – Richards has carefully used fragments and whispers of some tracks to build atmosphere, making for a truly eerie electro beast to grapple with.

But enough hyperbole from us, let’s hand over to the man himself.

“This mix has been put together to represent the other songs that I feel share common themes and styles with certain areas of the ‘Kill The Lights’ album. Like the album, it isn’t really focussed on making people dance, and is happy to settle around the fringes of electronic music, taking in songs of heartbreak that are both rich in detail and heavy on kick drum. It contains a few teases of forthcoming releases on both Hypercolour and Apple Pips, alongside snatches of unsigned material still being constructed.”

House of Black Lanterns’ debut album ‘Kill The Lights’ is out now on Houndstooth.

Listen to it now… Grab it HERE.

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1. House of Black Lanterns – Names ft. Leni Ward [Houndstooth]
2. House of Black Lanterns – Beg [Houndstooth]
3. House of Black Lanterns – Truth & Loss [Houndstooth]
4. The Reds – Leed’s House [Intrada Records]
5. Michna – The Tabernacle At Pendrell Vale [Ghostly]
6. Chromatics – Tick of the Clock [Italians Do It Better]
7. Chromatics – The Telephone Call [Italians Do It Better]
8. Desire – If I Can’t Hold You [Italians Do It Better]
9. Chymera – The Chase [Connaisseur Recordings]
10. Andy Stott – Luxury Problems [Modern Love]
11. Chymera – Swim Away (Steve Moore Remix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
12. Miss Kittin – All You Need (Gesaffelstein Remix) [Mobilee Records]
13. Gesaffelstein – Belgium [Bromance]
14. Nomad – I Wanna Give You Devotion [Rumour Records]
15. Basement Love (Richard Fearless Remix) [I’m A Cliche]
16. Low Jack – Look At My Pyramid [Get The Curse Music]
17. Jay Chattaway – Blast Him [Southeast Records]
18. Drexciya – Unknown Journey III [Clone Classic Cuts]
19. Ghettozoid – Boy Toy (House of Black Lanterns Remix) [Houndstooth]
20. House of Black Lanterns – 8 Million Stories [Apple Pips]
21. House of Black Lanterns – Untitled Synth Sketch 1 [unreleased]
22. House of Black Lanterns – Grey Leather Glass [Hypercolour]
23. DBX – Losing Control [Peacefrog Records]
24. DJ Pierre and Kris Menace – Crank [Different]
25. Clockwork (C/W) – Hidden Spectator [Life and Death]
26. Nina Kraviz – Show Me Your Time [Rekids]
27. Cosmin TRG – To Touch Is To Divert [50 Weapons]
28. House of Black Lanterns – The Walls Are Closing In [Houndstooth]
29. House of Black Lanterns – Beg (Acapella) [Houndstooth]
30. House of Black Lanterns – Worthless [unreleased]
31. House of Black Lanterns – Pale December ft. Rudi Zygadlo [Houndstooth]

Words by Tristan Parker

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