The Mixpak/Gobstopper affiliate steps up...

Orlando is something of an adventurer. Having lived in multiple corners of the globe (Ireland, London, New York), the producer has found homes on labels like Mixpak, Liminal Sounds and Gobstopper, before jumping onto Local Action for his forthcoming debut album. 

Spanning pop, dancehall and razor-sharp club sounds, Orlando's productions have always come tinged with an emotional complexity. This shines through in his ambient pop soundscapes on his self-titled record, which also takes influence from the natural world and his self-definition as an "environmentalist".

Of his Clash mix, he says: "for me, when listening to music, there are two forms of emotion explored, direct (often found in pop music) and then the kind that is dense with emotion and the perception of which is independent of the music. this music for me provides a canvas for the listener to paint their own feelings onto.

i love both of them equally. the sincerity of direct emotion is something that is hard to turn away from... yet, the music which is open to your own interpretation often can tell you things you what you are thinking and feeling often before you realize them yourself. i try to explore both of these forms of emotion in my music. i sometimes aim to have both present in a song, with a mainline melody pushing for something obvious, underscored by an alternate feeling that leaves the song open to interpretation.

anyway, in this mix i try to explore the more emotionally dense music that influence me as a musician. there are some all time favorite songs and some songs by contemporary artists that i look up to. there are also a few songs that dont fit into this category but i love them all the same."

Any DJ who drops Enya mid-mix will always have a special place in our heart. Check it out below, then peep the tracklist after the jump.

- - -

- - -

Jóhann Jóhannsson, with Hildur Guðnadóttir and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - End Of Summer Part 3
Orlando - Rocks, Shells & Some Fossils
Forest Swords - Sjurvival
Landi Bondi - old bondi taking it home 1 time
Howard Mossman - Jungle Lullaby
Julianna Barwick - Envelop
Orlando FitzGerald - Sylvia Earle
Photay - Storm
UMFANG - Full 2
Orlando - Friends or Lovers? (ft. Buscabulla) (Acapella)
Enya - Aldebaran
Kelman Duran - DEJAS'
Laurie Spiegal - A Folk Study
Orlando - From Memory
Robbie Basho - Leaf In The Wind
Lord Creator - Kingston Town (King Tubby Dub)

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Orlando's self-titled debut album drops this Friday (March 9th) via Local Action (and you can pre-order it HERE).

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