Clash DJ Mix – Orbury Common

"A digestible representation of this eerie otherworld..."

Orbury Common are channelling extra-dimensional sounds from the far corners of the radio dial.

Informed by the spirits of England walking freely abroad fields and dales, the Bristol and Stroud based duo embody folk-like tendencies in their work, while grappling thoroughly with the unknown.

The pair released their EP ‘The Traditional Dance Of Orbury Common’ earlier this year through PRAH Recordings, a fascinating dose of freeform creativity unshackled from genre. Deft electronic experiments, each song unfolded at its own pace, tapping into a kind of freshly minted nostalgia.

With a batch of live dates incoming, the pair went back into the studio, attempting to collate a mixture of sounds into a Clash mix. Moving from dubbed out abstraction to modern classical via electronic music’s left-field, it feels like a potent message extracted from the fuzz and hiss of a detuned transistor.

The pair comment…

“Orbury Common is at once pastoral and harshly technological, and also has its own vivid soundscape. When we create music, we tend to think that we are channelling and translating the sounds and sights that emanate from Orbury Common into songs, pieces and collections that are suitable for human consumption and provide a digestible representation of this eerie otherworld.”

By using a shortwave radio receiver, the pair have managed to extract and record an hours worth of a late night pop show, broadcast originally on Orbury FM.

Tune in now.

Brannten Schnüre – Die Verwunschene Quelle
World Standard – 麦秋 (Wheat Harvest)
Kuupuu – SulaNisantashi
Primary School – Mr Fingers
Jack Lever – Process.IOn
Cornershop – Natch
Princess Demeny – New York Grief
Joanne Robertson & Dean Blunt – Triple Beam
Grouper – False Horizon
Nivhek – After its own death: Side A (excerpt)
caroline – dirty triple (3) 2
NIck Drake – Horn
Judge Smith – The Kibbo Kift Song
Ranking Dread/Sly & Robbie/King Tubby – Bom Dub
Carl Stone – Shing Kee (1986)
Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe
Paradisos – Tupas & Emika
Yama Warashi – Makkuroi Mizu (Orbury Common Remix)
Gentle Stranger – ’Til the Plough (Orbury Common Remix)
Nocturnal Emissions – Peter’s Stone
Able Noise – Recordings – Side A (excerpt)
Inga Copeland – Notitle
Wounded Knee – Dearg Agus Dearg
Orbury Common – Untitled 05/22
Maise Ellis – Untitled

Catch Orbury Common at the following shows:

20 Green Man Festival DJ Set

8 Bristol Trinity Centre (supporting Katy J Pearson)
23 Torpoint Studios

1 Bristol Ritual Union

Photo Credit: Kris Brown

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