Clash DJ Mix – On Man

A seamless glitch-effect mix...

Spending his formative years immersed in the vintage pop sounds of Beach Boys and Pet Shop Boys, London-based producer On Man later delved into alt-rock and club pulsers, his ear accustomed to eclectic, genre-melding and divergent realms of sound.

The producer leaned into a more atmospheric sound design on his self-titled debut album: the project embraced the adaptive qualities of a pop record with a more stripped-back, gritty approach. Spanning 10 tracks, On Man explored emotional resonance, forged and broken connections, be that through the intoxicating bass of ‘Square and Triangles’ or the ultraviolet radiance of ‘Survive This’ – a synth-heavy outpouring of introspective truths and cathartic healing.

As left-field as some of his sonic impulses are, the producer wanted to sculpt something melodic and open. “I just love good pop songs!” he exclaims. “The simple ones about love are the ones I’ve connected with. The idea of being an actual artist felt a bit silly for a while. So I stepped away. But then my mum died, and that had an enormous impact on my life. It completely changed the way I looked at my older material. And I basically started writing again.”

The element of re-discovery drives On Man’s DJ mix for Clash; reaching deeper into his electronic inclinations, he pieces together a nocturnal soundtrack for early-hour lurkers. Weaving between 60s soul, jungle, bass and progressive rap, On Man takes the listener on a haunting, evocative journey, unafraid to take unexpected detours with quick-fire mood blends and tempo changes.

Check it out now…

Clash DJ Mix – On Man


  1. Sister Irene O’Connor – Fire of God’s Love
  2. On Man – United (Why Can’t We Say Enough)
  3. Gazelle Twin – Belly Of The Beast
  4. CAN – Halleluwah
  5. clipping. – Say The Name
  6. Babyfather – Penelope Freestyle
  7. Flume – Palaces (Mount Kimble Die Cuts Remix feat. Zelooperz)
  8. Tirzah – Tectonic (FAUZIA Remix)
  9. Virgil Abloh – Delicate Limbs (feat. serpentwithfeet) [Special Request Remix]
  10. Wordcolour – Cloud Room
  11. Jon Hopkins – Sit Around The Fire
  12. This Mortal Coil – Kangaroo
  13. Rabit – The Quickening
  14. Iñigo Montoya – FC Poulain [aya Trudge]
  15. Marina Herlop – shaolin mantis
  16. On Man – Squares And Triangles
  17. Obongjayar – Message in a Hammer (with some extra Madonna)
  18. Death Grips – Get Got
  19. The Velvets – I Got To Find Me Somebody
  20. Zebra Katz – Ima Read (ARRWS Remix)
  21. Namasenda – Stars (feat. Oklou)
  22. Crayon – Ithinkso
  23. Mura Masa – hollaback bitch (with Shygirl and Channel Tres)
  24. Hot Chip – Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)
  25. Digitalism – Picnic [On Man “Survive This” edit]
  26. Rival Consoles – Echoes
  27. Spacemen 3 – Lord Can You Hear Me

Words: Ana Lamond

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