South African producer delivers a heady mix...

South Africa is an immensely complex fusion of distinct identities.

The country has almost a dozen native languages, and this criss-crossing of different backgrounds, different histories results in something quite unique.

Muzi is part of a new wave of energy in South Africa's dance scene, and his quick-mixing style fuses hip-hop to electronics, 21st century kwaito to traditional Zulu music.

Debut album 'Boom Shaka' drops on September 2nd, and it paints an intricate picture of the producer's life. Muzi explains: “My debut album is a reflection of who I am. An honest expression of what it means to be a modern African kid. We have Western influences but we still respect and remain true to our roots, traditions and culture. Two worlds have met and both play an important role. I hope my music gets that message across.”

Opening with his own righteous 'Sweat', Muzi's Clash DJ Mix is nothing if not eclectic - moving from Tory Lanez to Jamie xx, the sheer breadth is matched to a stunning sonic vision.

Tune in below.

- - -

1. Muzi - Sweat
2. Tory Lanez - I Got The Keys (Swave session)
3. Baauer - GoGo!
4. Donald Bucks - Bloodclat
5. Timbaland ft Drake - Say Something
6. Jack U - Holla Out
7. Alexander Lewis ft KRNE - So Nice
8. Jack U x Post Malone - Where R U Iverson (Flosstradamus edit) (Muzi shandis)
9. Hoverboots - Digital Bubblebath
10. Card On Spokes ft OkMalumKoolkat, Nonku Phiri - On the Low
11. Duskus & Klahrk - Take Me Higher
12. Muzi - Fire VIP
13. Knife Party - Boss Mode
14. JayZ ft Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One
15. NYMZ & Chris Bushnell - Back Way
16. Muzi - Umzimba
17. Holy C - Shake Shake (Muzi Remix)
18. MRJAH - Frieza (Muzi Remix)
19. Timbaland & Magoo - Indian Flute (Muzi Shandis)
20. Jsjtr - Valhalla
21. Nomak - Clint
22. Muzi - WTF You Mean
23. 2DLQTZ - BAM!
24. Wizkid - Ojuelegba
25. MaxX & EJ - Tight UP Ft Red Rat
26. Muzi - Khululeka
27. Jamie XX ft. Romy - Loud Places
28. Robs & Duke - Badman
29. Muzi - Sgubhu

- - -

'Boom Shaka' will be released on September 2nd.

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