"Chicago, Baltimore, London, Durban, New York, the internet..."

In the space of only a handful of releases, Goon Club Allstars has established itself as one of the country's most on-point labels.

2013 saw production duo Mssingno deliver a rightly celebrated EP, which acted as a blueprint of sorts for the label itself: piecing together elements of grime, Jersey house and more, it de-constructed these elements and shaped them into something startlingly fresh.

Introduced to the Goon Club stable via a sought after 12 inch last year, Moleskin seems to capture the imprint's ethos. A new, self-titled, EP drops on June 23rd and it comes packed with a fluorescent energy.

With the likes of Evian Christ, Bok Bok, Blackdown, Logos and more already showing support, Moleskin has rapidly emerges as a talent to watch. Thankfully, Clash have been able to get in there first, inviting the producer to craft a special mix for our weekly series.

Moleskin describes his mix thus: "House music. Some tracks from friends. Some olds tracks. Some new tracks. Some unreleased tracks. Some vinyl rips. Some 128kbps tracks accrued from temperamental MP3 download sites in hard to find corners of the internet. Chicago, Baltimore, London, Durban, New York, the internet."

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DJ Freeze - Spanish Lesson
Jammin' The House Gerald - Black Woman (Club)
Dennis Ferrer - P 2 DA J
DJ Freeze - Man Down Under
DJ Technics - Computer Madness
Mr Mageeka - Different Lekstrix
Jam City - Arpjam
Neheun - Intriga
Helix - Linn Jam (with synth)
Neana - Bowkat (8 Bar Mix)
Bad Mojo - Tidal waves (Moleskin's Wave Machine Mix)
DJ Firmeza - Dedicado Ao Projecto Princip
Circle Children - Zulu
DJ Lag - Ghost On The Loose
Dem Tinz feat. GoVernor - Al Qaeda

Photo Credit: Oscar Yoosefinejad

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