Reclusive producer in the mix...
Man Power

Initially, no one was entirely sure who Man Power was.

The producer's work was swiftly adopted by some noted tastemakers, while a tie up with John Talabot's Hivern Discs prompted speculation that it could well be the main man himself.

Yet in reality, Man Power is simply too distinct a voice, to idiosyncratic an artist to simply be an alter ego.

Debut album 'Man Power' will be released through Correspondant on May 25th, with the producer set to play a special show tonight (April 2nd) at London's Dance Tunnel.

Ahead of this, Man Power has agreed to craft a special mix for Clash. Opening with the words of American poet ee cummings, it's a deft mixture of old and new with the mighty Henrik Schwarz sitting alongside noted Japanese newcomer Gonno.

Continually mixing it up, this is a selection which twists and turns, surprising at every corner.

Man Power:

"I always have difficulty when it comes to selecting music for a mix. I'm a music lover above all else, and I'm always wary of being perceived as just a house or a techno DJ. That aside though, artistic 'form' is still something which fascinates me (hence my obsession with modernists like ee cummings etc), so for this mix I've tried to select music that either plays with and subverts the form of house / techno and the like, or strictly adheres and exemplifies the expected forms, as both approaches are interesting to me for different reasons."

Check it out now.

ee cummings - 'somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond'
Henrik Schwarz - 'Cloud 3'
Gonno - 'Life With Clarinet'
Takuya Matsumoto - 'Satellite Orbit Funk'
Danza Macabra - 'In For It: Feat Dyali (Matthew Herbert Remix)'
FuckPony - 'Always Sunday'
Konkret Cutz - 'The Butterfly'
Arttu - 'Evvy Steps'
Bird Of Paradise - 'Breather Resist'
PBR Streetgang and X-Press 2 - 'Cosine (A Sagittariun Remix)'
Police Are Coming - '1989 Warehouse (Phran Remix)'
Mickey Moonlight - 'Close To Everything (Martin Bros Remix)'
Snapped - 'I’ve Got The Power'
Last Waltz - 'I Are Dada (Chida Remix)'
Man Power - 'Trans (Discodromo Remix)'
Golpe De Estado - 'Secreto (Magda Remix)'
Vin Sol - 'Trac'
Matrixxman - 'Simulation (Creepy Autograph Translation)'
Plastikman - 'Spastik'
Dance System - 'RZ1'
Dass and Freddie Norwood - 'Still Get On'
En - 'Truth'
Dauwd - 'Jupiter George'
Ooft - 'Wow'
Man Power - 'Lude'

- - -

Catch Man Power at the Dance Tunnel in London tonight (April 2nd). Debut album 'Man Power' drops on May 25th.

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