Clash DJ Mix – KRTS

A deep, entrancing selection...

It almost goes without saying, but these are strange and dangerous times we're living in.

The news is packed with war, terrorism, political corruption and media intrusion, a never-ending cavalcade of piercing imagery.

Observing all this, KRTS has attempted to use music to make sense of it all. New album 'Close Eyes To Exit' is a meditative mosaic of sound, one that refuses to ignore what's going on in the world today.

Provocative, fascinating music, the record is out now on Berlin-based imprint Project: Mooncircle. As a nice primer, an adjunct to the full album, KRTS has prepared a new mix – varied, dexterous, eclectic and thrilling, you can tune in below.

Long Arm – Kellion
Dexter Story – Eastern Prayer feat. Nia Andrews
Dave Douglas – Molten Sunset
Olof Melander – Souls
Daedelus – Onward
KRTS – Reizenstein
Björk – Lionsong
Submerse – Team Scare
40 Winks – For the Traveller
Long Arm – Foresthead
Vanilla – Traveller
Funkadelic – Eulogy and Light
My Panda Shall Fly – Interlude II
Caural – Pentagram (Re-Experience)
Lapalux – Fracas
Neuropol – Mile Out
Coco Bryce – Deeper and Deeper
KRTS – White Privilege
Submerse – Sayz U (KRTS Remix)
KRTS – Outside Your Arms
Kidkanevil – Flying Machines

– – –

'Close Eyes To Exit' is out now on Project: Mooncircle.

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