Clash DJ Mix – Ghosting Season

A haunting selection...

Manchester duo Ghosting Season weave together a haunting selection for the Clash DJ Mix that will exorcise any dark techno demons lurking deep within.

After deciding that their long-running Worriedaboutsatan alias couldn’t fully contain the new direction their music was taking, Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale began anew as Ghosting Season, an evolved version of their former project. Like Worriedaboutsatan, Ghosting Season harnesses sprawling, icy electronica – reminiscent of moody masters like Autechre and The Black Dog – but with leanings towards dark techno pastures as well as more organic, instrument-led layers.

For their Clash mix, Miller and Ragsdale ease in gently with a selection of atmospheric slow-burners, including Walls’ psyche-Krautrocker Sam Willis and Swedish experimentalist Porn Sword Tobacco, gradually getting darker and deeper, traversing through Ultrademon’s spacious dub-techno before a Peter Van Hoesen track lifts the lid off. A cut from Moderat’s new album and Tangerine Dream then bring things to a mellow(ish) close.

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1. Porn Sword Tobacco – Talk Is Cheap, Swords Are Sharp
2. Lucy Claire – Fantasia on Mildew (Winter Son’s Awoken Ground Remix)
3. Isolee – Dennis (Ripperton’s 8 Wheels Dub)
4. Sam Willis – Winterval
5. Marco Freivogel feat. Elif Bicer – 11am (Before)
6. The Cheapers – The Black Bell
7. Ultrademon – Goonchie Blunch
8. Steve Moore – Zero-Point Field
9. Peter Van Hoesen – Seven, Green and Black (SCB Edit)
10. Divvorce feat. Hound Scales – E2
11. Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B
12. Moderat – Milk
13. Tangerine Dream – Sequent C

‘Apophenia’, Ghosting Season’s latest single, is out now on Fields.

Words by Tristan Parker
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