A deep, cavernous journey, but one laced with light at the end of the tunnel...

Southern Fried duo Fluida are approaching their fourth EP, a nimble series of sonic expansion that suggests their aural pathways have only just begun to reveal themselves.

A production pairing who want to take things a little deeper, Fluida's subtle percussive workouts are usually accompanied by cavernous journeys through the low-end.

The deepest of deep house matched to techno's darker splinters, the pair bring these influences together to craft something wholly immediate, yet rather perplexing.

Fluida are a complex puzzle just waiting to be solved, and their Clash DJ Mix goes a long way to supplying some additional pieces.

Lovingly pieced together, the tactile sense of sound is allied to a dexterous nature that flips between genres, using taste as their guide.

Tune in now.

1. Red Axes - Spider Feel
2. Fluida - Everything (Dub)
3. Blu - Martin Game
4. Hagan - The Drum
5. Fluida - Source (Dub)
6. Clavis - Cydalise
7. Nico Stojan & Mira (Berlin) - Hangover
8. Eelke Kleijn - A Tale of Two Lovers
9. Amentia - Serpent
10. 10 Foot Ballerina - Sogoni Kalimba (Trauma Long Vision)
11. Olderic And Peter Pardeike - Connaisseur
12. Dee Montero - Vedra
13. Forever Sound - Glowworm

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