Canadian producer with an artful sense of the electronic...

Canadian imprint My Favourite Robot have gradually built up a stellar catalogue, one marked by a willingness to step outside of current trends and focus on timeless attributes of artistry.

With more than 150 releases under their belts, it's clear that the team at My Favourite Robot have managed to find a space of their own.

Toronto's Fairmont has been drawn into their orbit, following releases on sought after imprints such as Border Community, Days of Being Wild and his own Beachcoma label.

My Favourite Robot is a home from home, and it's the hub for newly released EP 'Carthage'. Sparkling electronics, the producer's artful sensibility is combined with a melodic flair and an awareness of how his music will impact on the body.

'Carthage' is out now, so Clash decided to invite Fairmount to get in the mix for your weekend delectation. A subtle, perfectly balanced mix, it leans on techno while never fully succumbing to the genre.

Tune in now.

1. London Modular Alliance - 'DeOrbit_118'
2. Benedict Frey - 'Out Of Here (Roman Fluegel Remix)'
3. Eagles & Butterflies - 'X'
4. Ed Davenport - 'Kuromaku'
5. Rodion & LSD - 'True Love Floats (Fairmont Remix)'
6. Christian S - 'Six Million Bassdrums Later'
7. Darlyn Vlys & HearThuG - 'Agore'
8. Jonathan Kusuma - 'Mordor Disko'
9. Monotique - 'Surrender'
10. Fairmont - 'Loose Teeth'
11. Terr - 'Metropolis'
12. Jamie Porteous - 'Bleeding In The Jungle'

- - -

'Carthage' EP is out now.

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