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East India Youth

Take a mesmerising, glitchy trip with East India Youth, as the hot-topic producer and musician serves up spacey electronica, deep analogue jams and tough techno.

You’ll probably have heard the shimmering, pop-blushed sonics of East India Youth (William Doyle) recently, and you’ll be hearing a lot more in the near future, which is a good thing indeed. The producer’s approach fuses rich, layered electronica with considered, contemporary songwriting touches and Doyle’s affecting vocal lines, resulting in glistening, colourful journeys like ‘Heaven, How Long’ and cosmic rave-flecked pop gems like latest single ‘Dripping Down’, both taken from his impressive debut album, ‘Total Strife Forever’.

East India Youth’s Clash mix finds Doyle diving deep into the digital side of his sound, revelling in the dystopian ambience of Koreless, the beautiful weirdness of James Holden’s latest album, and some brilliant, raw techno from dancefloor slayers Perc and Tessela. Here’s Doyle explaining more about his mix:

“I like to bookend my mixes with two tracks that have similar moods or just similar traits, so that everything in between them feels as though it has some sort of cohesion. In this case I felt the harmonic progressions of the Koreless and Luke Abbott tracks fitted together well and since the Koreless track is constantly rising and building anticipation, Luke Abbott’s track is much more on the decline due to its pace.

“I tried to think quickly with this mix and not dwell too much on it, trying to think which tracks I have that might work together to create a gradual transition between their textures and timbre. The mix moves from the more atmospheric to the totally brutal and then back again. With the exception of the Aphex track, these are all pretty recent releases and I think they reflect the kind of sonically dense electronic and dance music I have been listening to over the last year or two.”

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1. Koreless - Sun
2. Grumbling Fur - Eyoreseye
3. James Holden - The Inheritors
4. Aphex Twin - Ptolemy
5. Paula Temple - Colonized
6. Perc - A New Brutality
7. Tessela - Nancy’s Pantry
8. Luke Abbott - Silent Fall

Check out a full interview with East India Youth HERE - or catch him on tour at the following dates:

Jan 29, Sheffield 
Jan 30, Manchester
Jan 31, Glasgow

Feb 1, Liverpool 
Feb 4, Bristol
Feb 6, London
Feb 7, Brighton 

New single ‘Dripping Down’ is released on 3 February, and you watch the video HERE.

Words: Tristan Parker

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