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A broad selection of Luke Abbott's new project...

Luke Abbott recently unfurled his new EP 'Truth' - and chose to adopt a new name in the process.

"Earlham Mystics came to me in a dream, it is a shop that doesn't exist," he tells Clash. "I had made some music which I liked but it didn't feel like me, it felt like I had been making it for someone else, I wanted to sell it in the imaginary shop so I've called it Earlham Mystics. I feel like there are messages in it that I don't understand and that I can't explain. Meaning has failed me, I don't want to think very much, I just want to listen."

This notion of 'meaning' recurs in his latest EP, with the name 'Truth' carrying huge resonance in the Trump 'fake news' era.

"The idea of 'truth' is a bit of a loaded topic," he said recently. "I hate this notion that we are living in 'post-truth' times. Truth isn't something you can hide from, it's the truth!"

A new name, fresh ideas, and nothing - nothing! - but the truth. Earlham Mystics steps up to the plate for an extremely special Clash DJ Mix, outlining a few current inspirations, fellow travellers, and more.

If you were a fan of Luke Abbott's work then this might actually surprise you - sure, there's a few connecting lines, but also a fresh palette to draw from.

He explains: "This mix is quite straight forward. Trying to make it for the imaginary shop. Maybe it's playing on the imaginary shop hi-fi. Please steal imaginary things from this shop while it plays..."

Tune in now.

Daniel Avery - Naive Response
Jeremy Greenspan & Laurie Spiegel - Drums&Drums&Drums
Aden - Tanz
1 - Lieb
Simian Mobile Disco - Space Is Filled With Ringing
Four Tet - Parallel Jalebi
Okey - You See
Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel (Shep Pettibone Remix)
Tyree - Acid Crash
Bass Clef - Suddenly Alone Together
Jimmy Edgar - Dreamz Come True
Randweg - Ball (Luke Abbott remix)
Earlham Mystics - Stolen Hearts

- - -

'Truth' is set to be released on April 14th. Catch Earlham Mystics (and Gold Panda) at a launch party in Orbital Comics, London on April 15th.

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