Clash DJ Mix – Eagles & Butterflies

Continuing his breakout year...

Eagles & Butterflies is very much a producer to watch out for. Through his label Art Imitating Life the electronic figure has been able to build a platform of his own, matching essential releases with a string of fantastic remixes.

Recent high profile remixes include RY X and Bob Moses, and his first EP of the year just landed on streaming. All in all, he’s got a right to feel confident about what 2023 could bring.

From his beginnings – named Mixmag’s Breakthrough Act of the Year, don’t you know – to his current golden streak, he’s built success on his own terms.

His latest mix is something special. Sculpted for Clash readers, it’s serious heat, packing in all manner of club thrills. Unafraid of throwing in some classics, Eagles & Butterflies also opts to engage with his own sound, incorporating a few exclusives along the way.

Just right for the opening of summer, you can dive in below.


1.Swoosh – ID
2. DJ Streaks – IN2
3. Revelation – Missle Vintage 032
4. Hiver – ID
5. Theo Kottis – ID
6. Tranquil Voice – Acid India (little Rascal Mix)
7.Known Artist –  Spread Love 
8.Midnight Magic – I Found Love (Perel Remix)
9. Kamma & Massalo – Neon Ocean 
10. Kettama – Picanya 2400
11. Sidney Street (Chloe Robinson & ADHD remix)
12.Rhode & Brown – Eurostar 
13.Running Hot – ID 
14. Debora Aime La Bagarre – Eurovision
15. Eden Burns – Free your Mind
16.Eagles & Butterflies – ID 
17.Snap! – Rhythm is a dancer (Alinka Remix) 

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