A soulful, soothing trip of jazz, hip hop, funk and dub...

A lot of artists ask you to kick back when you’re listening to their mix, but few have as big a claim to do so as prolific beat-maker Dobie, whose selection for Clash unashamedly snubs the dancefloor, instead easing us into a soulful, soothing trip of jazz, hip hop, funk and dub that revels in relaxation.

Workaholic is probably a fair way of describing the multi-talented Dobie. He worked on the first two Soul II Soul albums, has recorded two solo LPs that mix experimental hip hop and forward-thinking electronica (including an album on Ninja Tune imprint Big Dada) – alongside numerous singles and EPs – and racked up an enviable list of remix credits, for artists including Björk, Massive Attack, Tricky and Gang Starr. Oh, and he’s also a respected skate photographer.

He’s also got a hard drive bulging with all manner of tunes, including those he’s included in his Clash mix. It’s a lush, laid-back offering, featuring a beautiful, jazzy cover of Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’, a Janet Jackson rework by glitchy R&B producer Kaytranada, and tracks from the Matthew Herbert Big Band, Actress and the proggy reggae-pop of The Police. Don’t think too hard about it – as you’ll see below, that isn’t what this mix is about. Just, well, kick back and enjoy. Here’s Dobie:

“What’s this mix about? Well, it’s just some tunes really. Didn’t really want to do a mix which was full of just hardcore club/dancefloor bangers. I just didn’t really fancy that, so I said to myself ‘Dobie, it’s time to do ‘Tales From a Hard Drive pt. 2’, which is just a selection tracks/music that I like and what’s on my hard drive, which isn’t all club/dance music. Didn’t really care for the latest and greatest hottest promo on the streets for this selection.

“It’s just some music I like. No big, super-tight mixing and DJ tricks. Just a selection of tracks back-to-back, end-to-end to chill out to, take a break from all that nosebleed hardcore dance. So get yourself a glass of chateau or whatever you like – a glass of red, a cold beer or a nice cup of Rosie Lee (tea) if that’s your thing. Roll a fat one and kick back. Enjoy. Dobie.

“P.S. ‘Tales from a Hard Drive pt. 1’ is still up online. Look out for it if you like this one (it’s a jazz thing).”

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1. Message in a Bottle - The Police
2. Inner City Life - Re:Jazz
3. Everything’s Changed - Matthew Herbert Big Band featuring Jamie Lidell
4. I Know - Fiona Apple
5. Trust - Me’shell Ndegéocello
6. Dubplate - Ben Dolo
7. If - Janet Jackson (Kaytranada Remix)
8. Birdcage - Actress
9. Dubplate - Eclectic
10. Not Yet Not Yet - Crowd Pleaser
11. Something In My Life - Phil Asher
12. I’ll Be Your Everything - Dobie and Holly Palmer (Old Demo)

Words: Tristan Parker

- - -

Dobie and Ninety 9’s ‘Cloud 98 ¾’ will be re-released on April 28th by Nero Records UK, complete with remixes for the 2014 release from Bodhi, Hics, Black Classical and Dobie himself. 

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