A tropical joyride through tribal rhythms

Masked Lima duo Dengue Dengue Dengue are Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira — a determinedly forward-facing pair who harness tropes from their native Péru and convert them into global club music. With recently-released second album ‘Siete Raíces’ (or ‘seven roots’ — a traditional Peruvian liquor brewed from jungle plants with mystical properties), they have brewed their own psychedelic cocktail of cumbia, juke and tarraxo.

Now, the pair have poured yet another furious concoction of tropical rhythms, tribal drums and far-reaching sonics into our latest DJ mix, which blends the frantic percussion of Clap Clap with the likes of Muslimgauze and Africa Hitech, placing the traditional and the electronic side by side.

It’s a wild ride. Check it out below:

- - -

Nâ Hawa Doumbia - Danaya (à Sidi Konaté Pour Toujours)
Nicola Cruz - La Mirada
Rapapay - Kachaykukuy
Romare - Down the Line (It Takes a Number)
Muslimgauze - Mumbai vibe Garden
Chabuca Granda - La Herida
Mark Ernest’s Ndagga Rhythm Force - Yermade (Prophet 5 Mix Feat Mbene Diatta Seck)
Africa Hitech - Spirits
Dj B.Boy & Puto Marcio - Hino da Noite
Clap Clap - Modestey
Maurizio - Mama Kumba (Justin Imperiale Jungle Dub)
Justin Imperiale - Pulse of Life (Freddy da Stupid Remix)
Mikael Seifu - Tuff Ruff

Enchufada released 'Siete Raíces' on the 24th June


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