Clash DJ Mix – Dawn Of Midi

An exploration of African influence...

Dawn Of Midi are a Brooklyn trio, a group who seem eager to fuse contradictory traditions into one seamless and inspiring whole.

Acoustic meets electronic, samples meet organic playing, with Dawn Of Midi fusing avant garde techniques to a love of the musical styles of North and West Africa.

Initially released last year, the group's album 'Dysnomia' is set to gain a full international re-issue through Erased Tapes. A bewildering, inspired and engrossing record, it spans an enormous array of influences and reference points.

Ahead of this, Dawn Of Midi have agreed to craft a very special mix for Clash. Amino Belyamani – the group's pianist – explains more.

"'Dysnomia', in a certain way, is about deception. The idea is to create music that would feel right, in a certain pulse, and make people dance, even if felt in a completely different and wrong way. Just like in many folk traditions of the world, only the members of that specific community understand and feel the music correctly."

"As an outsider and discoverer of this new music, you would enjoy it at first, even without really understanding it, but the more time spent listening to it, the closer you'll get to feeling the music the right way. This mix, containing diverse styles of Moroccan folk and Ewe music from Ghana and Benin, is a journey illustrating this very concept of deception. Enjoy!"

Listen to it now.

1. B'Net Marrakech – 'Leilaa Lill'
2. Alfred Ladzekpo – 'Kpomegbe'
3. Mustapha Bakbou – 'Soutanbi'
4. Said Fafy, Said Oughassal – 'Said Fafy Drum Solo'
5. Alèkpéhanhou – 'Ta Hoho Mon Non'
6. Najat Aatabou – 'Habibi walla Khatibi'

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