Stateside natives take things a little deeper...
Dance Spirit

Dance Spirit conjure sounds that drift through the ether.

Two Stateside natives, the production duo aim to suggest, rather than state - a sort of house impressionism that never sits in one place.

New EP 'One For The Heads' is out now via Rebellion, and it's a fascinating fusion of hazy, gauzy sounds.

The pair describe it as "a practice in hypnotic meditative states of rhythm, with an aim to distract the body via voodoo rhythms by dancing, while preparing the mind for inwards adventures into the self.

It communicates a serious and stimulating feeling for the dance floor that lets dancers know the DJ is getting serious and deep..."

"Serious" and "deep" are two apt phrases to summarise Dance Spirit's new mix for Clash - meditative fare, there is nonetheless an awareness of kinetic rhythm, of the manner in which system music impacts on the body.

Hushed but never silent, Dance Spirit's mix is an engrossing walk through musky landscapes. Tune in now.

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'One For The Heads' EP is out now - purchase LINK.

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