Oakland producer rifles through the record racks...
Damon Bell (Credit: Marie Staggat)

Damon Bell displays a wealth of knowledge in his music.

Unafraid to reach into esoteric realms, the Oakland producer's work shatters the axis of house and techno by injecting fresh impetus into those forms.

Utilising everything from sharp-edged funk to West African samples, Damon Bell sprinkles these elements liberally over his own, extremely original, ideas.

New EP 'Altered Visions' is out now on Meda Fury, and it's a hypnotic, open-ended selection that never fails to surprise.

To coincide, the producer crafted a mix for Clash, and it exposes a few of his musical roots - expect everything from disco to jazz-funk, early house and beyond.

Tune in now.

Tee-Mac - 'Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo'
William DeVaughn - 'Be Thankful For What You Got' (Disco Mix)
The Players Association - 'For The Love Of You'
Ella Andall - 'Hello Africa Pt.1'
The Rimshots - 'Who Got The Monster'
Leon Lee - 'He Was A Man Pt.2'
Rhythm Makers - 'Monterey'
Bohannon - 'Andrea'
Jack McDuff - 'Ju Ju'
Tony Fox - 'Love, Let Love And Be Loved'
Del Richardson - 'Soul On Fire'
Leonard Seeley's Heritage - 'Feel It'
Aaron Broomfield - 'I'm Gonna Miss Ya'
Quazar - 'Your Lovin Is Easy'
The Family - 'Yes'

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