A selection of soulful 4/4...
Bruh Jackson

A selection of soulful 4/4 from the side-project of two forward-thinking producers will be soothing your deserving ears in today’s Clash DJ mix.

Before you even think it – no, Bruh Jackman isn’t a Hugh Jackman tribute act – prey that such a thing shall never exist – but actually the brainchild of garage/bass-favouring producers Hackman and Jabru, offering both artists the chance to delve into electronic soul and uplifting, fluid grooves.

The duo have put together a mix that’s brimming over with rich, warm house tones, pulsing disco cuts and a few low-slung moments to add a little bite. Featured in the mix are tracks from some of the prime players in underground UK house – Midland, Dusky, Huxley and George Fitzgerald – as well as international flavours from the likes of Ian Pooley and DJ Le Roi, a Oneman remix of lo-fi lovers The xx and several cuts from Bruh Jackman themselves.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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1. Ivano Tetelepta - 113 (Outboxx Remix)
2. Bruh Jackman - Of The Sun
3. The XX - Chained (Oneman 119 House Edit)
4. Bruh Jackman - Just To Keep
5. Lakosa & iO - Got Some Game
6. Terranova - Paris Is For Lovers
7. Bad Autopsy - Without End
8. Outboxx - Reflection
9. Bruh Jackman - Miss My Love
10. Midland - Trace
11. Huxley - Bellywedge
12. DJ Le Roi - I loved You First
13. Dusky - What I Never Knew
14. George Fitzgerald - Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
15. Ian Pooley - CompuRhythm (Dixon’s 4/4 Treatment)
16. Close - OSCAR
17. Bruh Jackman - California


The ‘Bruh Jackman’ EP is out now on Futureboogie Recordings.

Words by Tristan Parker


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