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Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson has always stood out.

Whether it's as a clubber, a label owner, or a DJ, the selector has continually sought to carve out his own identity.

It's a value that only seems to increase in intensity over time. Speaking to Clash recently, Brett mused:

"Technology has been a big game changer. Now that pretty much anyone can produce a song, artists have to work harder to get the exposure they and their music need. Personally I miss the old days when the focus was more about the music. Artists now have to divide their time between social media marketing and other tasks."

"On the other side, we have people who have little creative talent who are great and selling themselves, using short cuts to get where usually you had to pay dues to get. This has upset the balance of things and now we have people playing for hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, who have no real light to share, only pre-bought, pre-programed mediocrity. In the end, all these short cuts, ghosts writers and deceptions will dilute our scene. Thankfully, there will always be many talented people making and playing music, you just have to search harder to find them."

Taking a break from his heavy schedule, Brett Johnson has pieced together a new mix for Clash. Rooted in the house universe but with some techno overtones, there's plenty of Brett's own productions in here to play with.

Check it out now.

- - -

Mirko Loko feat. Jaw - Special (Brett Johnson Remix) (Cadenza)
Brett Johnson - Sunrise Inside (Get Physical)
Brett Johnson - Sensual Summations (Cynosure)
Brett Johnson - Sing With Me (Giant) ??? - C'mon Baby (Play It Down)
Trademarq - Fort Dodge (Tanner Ross Remix) (Bananza)
Armando - Don't Take It (Johnny Fiasco Remix) (Klassik Fiasco)
Gary Gritness - Preachin Some Tight Game (Hypercolor)
Nightcrawlers - Let The Music Use You (Trax)
Cardopusher - Acid Phase 1 (Super Rhythm Trax)
Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love (KMS)
Tone Theory - Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities (Bredit Bonus Beats) (Plink Plonk)
Brett Johnson - Noisy Neighbours (Edible)

- - -

Brett Johnson's new EP 'Snack Attack' is out now (purchase LINK).

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