Portuguese producer delivers a sensational mix...

Lisbon is a port city, an area that is used to continually reaching out to the world.

It's led to the Portuguese city developing a unique, extremely fertile night-life. A lynchpin of Lisbon's club scene, Branko is set to fly out to London for a special show tonight (November 28th) and it's a fantastic chance to catch this DJ up front.

Part of the producer's Atlas Tour, the dates are toasting the album of the same name. Out now, 'Atlas' manages to fuse disparate influences into something entirely direct, a floor-driven collection that never once lets up.

As part of the tour, Branko has pieced together an exclusive mix for Clash. Expect to hear influences, touchstones, contemporaries and some straight up belters from the producer himself.

Check it out now.

MM - Rope
Stay - Full Moon
Alfonso Luna - U Toj Oolal Yook'ol
? - Para Aca
Rafa Maya - Bust
Pote - Oryx
Jumping Jack Slash - Bheng Feelz
Imaabs - Voy
Marginal Men - Footwork feat. Ovule
Schnautzi - Le Souffle
Addison Groove - Allaby
MC Bin Laden - Baseado Bom
MC Joao - Baile de Favela
MC Carol - Onda Forte (Leo Justi Heavy Baile Edit)
Lewis CanCut & Blinky Bill - Move
DJ Sand & DJ Matsawu - Wozaaa
Lunabe & Djeff - Temedo (feat MC Sacerdote & MC Yolanda Noivada)
God Colony - Steady (feat. Flohio)
Ckrono & Slesh - Toca Tu
Kappa Jota - Dangerous Zone
Okzharp - Sizzr
Lorenzo_BITW & Mina - Tombura
Cecile - I Wanna Fuck (Ball Em Up Edit)

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Catch Branko in London tonight (November 28th) - details.

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