UK underground rave hero takes us back to the old skool...
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter

Is there anything better than a DJ that can work a floor and has the time of their life doing it? Perhaps the best thing about Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter is how much he bloody loves raving — a joyous character in a culture of DJing that often takes itself too seriously, he’s been instrumental in the UK rave scene. Over the past 26 years, the walking rave encyclopedia and self-described ‘full time piss head’ hasn't necessarily been heralded by the mainstream music press, but has nonetheless made an indelible mark on UK dance culture.

A permanent fixture at all manner of mass parties — the likes of Helter Skelter, Dreamscape, and Rezurection — Bunter’s been there right from the start and continues to crop up at the UK’s biggest underground events. Mumdance recently booked him for a Different Circles night, requesting he drop some ‘93/’94 hardcore “on the right side of happy”.

Drawing for ‘92/’93 old school piano rarities on this Clash mix, he’s dug deep in that crate for a choice selection of jungle, acid, hard house and hardcore gems — and we can promise that it's essential listening.

Tune in below!

- - -

Bunter plays the 22nd edition of Moondance festival in North London this Sunday, alongside other greats like DJ Storm, General Levy, Mr C, Terry Francis, and many many more. Tickets are available here.


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