The very best sounds from a chaotic year...

Let's be honest here: 2016 has been a year to forget.

But in amongst the chaos have been moments of real solace, musical beauty that continually re-inforces our common humanity and the beauty of the everyday.

All week Clash will be counting down its favourite albums of 2016 - here's Pt. 2...

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30. NAO - 'For All We Know'

Clash said: "Of course, it’s her vocal prowess that threads together the line-up of producer-du-jour types that feature on ‘For All We Know’. That, and the infectious grooves that dominate this album provide endless enjoyment —18 tracks worth, to be precise."

29. DJ Earl - 'Open Your Eyes'

Clash said: "The result is a series of beats that will both delight longstanding listeners, and attract a new audience to a sound some might wrongly dismiss as superficial or hyperactive."

28. Whitney - 'Light Upon The Lake'

Clash said: "Taken at face value, the material on Whitney’s debut album seems sparked by loss, by breaks up both personal and professional. It conjures those moments when life simply overwhelms, when transient moments – light, wind, seasons, the night – are arranged in a random perfection. In its relentless fixation upon youth ‘Light Upon The Lake’ seems to have stumbled across the timeless."

27. Rosie Lowe - 'Control'

Clash said: "This is a near flawless record sounding both contemporary yet grounded by timeless themes we all can’t but love to relate to. If there’s any justice 2016 should prove a fruitful year for Rosie Lowe."

26. Jenny Hval - 'Blood Bitch'

Clash said: "There's a superb sense of balance at work here, with Jenny Hval's pleading, humane vocal set against grinding electronics."

25. Travis Scott - 'Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight'

Clash said: "Scott hasn’t just masked his missteps, he’s completely replaced them with a 53-minute record that rarely loses focus and constantly feels like something that is driving itself."

24. Yussef Kamaal - 'Black Focus'

Clash said: "Jazz is best experienced live and with 'Black Focus' Yussef Kamaal have captured the unpredictable and at times fragmented intensity of the live experience on wax. This is the kind of record that inspires new listeners to explore unfamiliar sounds and musical histories; the kind of record that bodes very well for the future of British jazz."

23. Machinedrum - 'Human Energy'

Clash said "It is an album produced on its own terms, that should be considered on its own terms. Judged as such, 'Human Energy' is a successful document of an artist enjoying his life, his work and — more generally — his own company."

22. Childish Gambino - 'Awaken, My Love!'

Clash said: "Childish Gambino sounds like a man re-born. Firstly, he doesn’t rap. Instead he reinvents himself as a soulful pariah with all the pizazz of peak Curtis Mayfield.

21. Angel Olsen - 'My Woman'

Clash said: "On the surface, a welcoming, accessible, wholly beautiful record, but laced with depth, allusion, and verbal knots that refuse to be untied. It’s addictive yet confusing, instantaneous yet difficult to fully understand – it continually forces to you to cease arguing, and simply listen."

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