Issue 73/May 2012

Featured in this issue…

Cillian Murphy Going Solo

From charming psychopaths to animalistic nicknames, the Irishman with the piercing eyes has proved himself a versatile and intriguing actor. Clash talk one-man plays, working with De Niro, and his own musical ambitions.

Werner Herzog The dark heart of humantiy

Werner Herzog has encountered many strange tales over the years, but his latest film could well be his most important work to date.

Don Letts How to make a music documentary

From introducing The Clash to the reggae scene of Brixton to bringing punk to the attention of Bob Marley, iconic music documentarian Don Letts is no stranger to combining the regular with the irregular.

Saul Bass The man with the golden pen

The first time i watched a Saul Bass title sequence, it wasn’t a Saul Bass title sequence at all. Like many of cinema’s greatest auteurs, he has crafted a style and tone of his own that is still echoed some fifty years later.

Orbital Addicted to the score

Today instead we are investigating their slick film score for a Vertigo film remake of the Danish classic narco-romp Pusher. In terrible trailer fashion the cinematic teaser for this UK gangster film WILL ruin the end, but Clash won’t.

Crispin Glover ...talks with Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis

The first time they had been introduced, the renowned actor and author quickly bonded with the grunge icon. American ex-pats dwelling in Europe, we pick up on the conversation as Mascis looks ahead to life on the road and Glover adjusts to a quiet existence in the Czech Republic.

Riz Ahmed Stories started on album can continue on film

"I’ve always been interested in the link between stories in music and film ever since I grew up watching Michael Jackson videos. When I put together my debut album ‘MICroscope’, I extended the aesthetic feel of the album by creating a sci-fi world with a film, a video game and a live show."

Album Spotlight

The Clash - The Clash

“They basically captured their incendiary live set, with minimal studio enhancement.”

Personality Clash

Crispin Glover Vs J Mascis

A renowned film buff, J Mascis leaped at the chance to take a phone call from Crispin Glover.

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