Charlotte OC
And it's a pretty great mix...

Charlotte OC is always moving, always changing.

The songwriter released her stellar album 'Careless People' last year, a divine return that fused alt-pop with R&B textures.

Heading back into the studio, Charlotte OC began work on a fresh EP of new material, which dropped on Friday (November 30th).

Another step forwards, it found the songwriter embracing new influences, new sounds to create something special.

Clash finds out more...

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Maribou State - 'Slow Heat' / 'Kingdoms In Colour' LP

After I heard 'Kingdoms In Colour' and this track it instantly had me. It’s inspired the hell out of me and even though there is no similarity sonically, it soundtracked my life around the time when I wrote my new single 'Satellite'. One of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

Otzeki - 'Already Dead'

There’s an openness and simplicity to this song that I absolutely adore. The vocal does the talking and everything else is a bonus. I wanted 'Satellite' to have that same quality instead of being smothered in pointless production to make it sound “bigger”.

Caribou - 'Our Love'

I was in a taxi once and I reheard this track and realised how brilliant was all over again. I’ve always been and always will be inspired by Caribou. I love how simple but also complex everything is.

Rival Consoles - 'PRE'

Just before I went into the studio to write 'Satellite', a very dear friend of mine sent me this track and he said he could hear me singing on it. I fell head over heals with the production and the way it built. This track has played the biggest role when it comes to inspiring my new single.

Young Fathers - 'Lord'

I got introduced to Young Fathers new album when I was out in LA. I was in a strange state of mind and didn’t feel like I was being inspired musically. Everything I did hear was wishy washy dreamy surf rock which is cool but it didn’t get me going, if you know what I mean.

After I heard this record it made me wanna be brave and for that I’m eternally grateful.

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Charlotte OC's new single 'Satellite' is online now.

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