CC:DISCO! Picks Out Her Radio Inspirations

CC:DISCO! Picks Out Her Radio Inspirations

Her new compilation 'First Light: Volume Two' is out now...

The pandemic has underlined how important radio is both as a means of communication and a way of breaking new music.

Clash has waxed lyrical about the importance of 6Music to listeners, but in London alone there are online stations such as the peerless NTS Radio, the vital Foundation FM, the community-minded Reprezent Radio, and more.

CC:DISCO! started her career on radio, gaining prominence on KISS FM, before stints on key Australian stations PBS and Triple J.

Honing her style and gaining a global audience, she currently holds down a Rinse FM slot, while finessing her DJ sets.

Her new compilation 'First Light: Volume Two' is out now, and to celebrate CC:DISCO named a few of her key radio inspirations for Clash...

- - -


There is no one that works harder than Andy Garvey.

Not only is she in charge of the biggest dance program in Australia (MIX UP TRIPLE J) but she's made huge changes to the station and has given a platform to so many people that might have been overlooked in the past. Her programming of diverse genres is out of control, she's very clued up the fact that people don't just listen to one genre of dance music.

Along with this she also has her Pure Space show on FBi Radio, which is dedicated to her own sound she DJ’s and produces under. Truly someone I admire and look up to. Andy is a powerhouse, and I'm sure so many up and coming female identifying DJs have been inspired to get into the scene because of her.

Pure Space, FBi Radio Sydney, Australia //

- - -


Well, where do I start?!

She's just the best, and her voice really does soothe me even when she tries to put on an Australian accent. She's another one of the hardest working women I know, who stays current and is always moving forward with her radio shows.

I met her when I was a guest on her show, and it was girl love at first sight. Her dedication and output are extremely motivating for me and she's testament to the fact that hard work pays off.

Moxie, NTS London //

- - -

Rok Riley

Rok has a show on Perth's RTR, she's been doing it for 23 years and she's interviewed anybody and everybody that's toured Perth.

She has this warmth that makes you feel so comfortable, and it translates on the radio so well. She's genuine AF, and it shows.

Some people just do radio to expand their career but then there are the lifers, the women who are so passionate and just love music. Rok is the real deal and having over 23 years in the game she knows her shit when it comes to all genres. I love her.

Full Frequency, RTR Perth Australia //

- - -

Miss Goldie 

Hailing from PBSFM Melbourne, she hosts a show called Boss Action.

Miss Goldie is one of the most respected soul collectors in the world, and her records are her life. I love this about her, having spent years and years collecting and saving for such a rare collection you know every record she plays has a story and meaning to part of her life. 

Another woman I've admired so much as DJ and radio announcer. 

Boss Action, PBSFM Melbourne Australia //

- - -

Ella Stoeckli

I've been watching Ella come up the ranks and it's amazing when you can see yourself in someone. She really reminds me of myself when I was trying to push every door open for my own radio career. Things don't just get handed to you on a silver plate in radio, you have to work for it. She's now been given a permanent slot after years of fill-ins and volunteering on the station.

The music she plays is basically everything I love so if you like what I do check this show out. She has amazing taste and her announcing is so on point which is something that took me years to learn. I love seeing fresh women with drive and real passion and that is Ella. 

Stardust PBSFM , Melbourne Australia //

- - -

Photo Credit: Natalie Jurrjens

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