Caught In Conversation With Goya Gumbani

Caught In Conversation With Goya Gumbani

Get to know the trans-Atlantic rising star...

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, the rising artist Goya Gumbani has been catching the eyes of many worldwide. Having recently made an appearance on ‘COLORS’ with his blissful performance of “Blasé”, the now London-based musician, who’s transatlantic upbringing glimmers throughout his sound has released his newly-formed project titled, ‘Truth Be Sold’.

Gumbani’s music is deeply rooted within his profound ability to story-tell, spending over a decade perfecting his unquestionable craft, he first broke through with his self-produced debut EP ‘Morta & More Doves’ back in 2018; paying a warming dedication to his sister who passed away, this cemented his forthcoming position within the scene.

Exploring a variety of topics including personal growth, life, death, and materialism, ‘Truth Be Sold’ is enriched with an assortment of flavour-some textures from start to finish. Clocking in at just over 15 minutes long, this six-track EP features guest appearances from George Riley, Elijah Maja and houses production from UK-based beat-smith Oliver Palfreyman.

Following the release, we recently caught up with Goya Gumbani to talk all about his latest project and more.

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How have you been? How have you been affected by the pandemic?

I’ve been good, the pandemic has been kinda trash but cool at the same time, can’t really do shit - that’s a blessing and a curse.

I’ve been speaking to a few artists recently and they said their productivity has taken a knock due to the pandemic. How have you found this period creatively?

It’s been good for me to be honest, I’m on the same time I was on before the pandemic.

For people who aren’t aware of who you are, could you tell us a bit more about your upbringing and how you were introduced to music?

I’m from Canarsie, I came to London for the first time when I was 15, it was an eye-opening experience. My intro to music was Hot97 and BET to be honest, and the CDs my mom used to play in the V (car).

In moving from New York to London at a young age, what do you take from both cities for inspiration?Were there any artists you were drawn to here in the UK when you moved? Maybe in the grime era?

Yeah, I rocked with Ghetts, Chipmunk etc, but who I really took to was the U.K. Lovers Rock scene and Garage - Janet Kay, Dillinger, UB40, Desmond Dekker, Louisa Mark were so hard.

You recently featured on ‘COLORS’ which is dope! How did this come about? How did you find the experience?

Erm, shit just happened to be honest, it was good! Really cool and welcoming team over there, forever grateful to those folks.

That platform tends to really widen your audience, what has the feedback been like? The feedback been great, it’s been coming from everywhere.

You recently dropped the ‘Truth Be Sold’ EP. Tell us a bit more about the concept or messages you wanted to push with this project?

Everything comes with a price, good and bad, and time is the most precious currency. Bring safety, truth, and knowledge to ALL Black people.

Were there any songs that challenged you? Maybe lyrically or sonically?


Through listening to your catalogue, you come across as an artist that holds quality over quantity. Is this something you strive for in your music?

I mean, that’s just how I am with everything, but the music is a release for me, it’s me writing in my journal and showing you the page.

Would you agree that in our current soundscape several artists are losing the quality in their music? Or do you think that is just down to the commercial trend and people trying to create a ‘hit’?

To be honest, I ain’t been listening to a lot of new music so I don’t really know, I’ve been in my vintage vinyl bag.

Having now released the project, are there any tracks in particular that resonate with you more now in comparison to the recording process?

Normally no, but Elijah’s verse on ‘Hither Green’ hits different every time.

What can we expect to see you from you this 2021?

More music, more visuals and fingers crossed at a show near you!

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Words: Elle Evans

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