Ahead of a special set in London...

Cassy has always been lost in music.

It's the only thing that makes her feel mighty real, a way for her to tap in to feelings she might otherwise be unable to express.

Born in London and brought up in Austria, it's the earliest passion she can remember. Cassy explains:

“Always since I can remember, especially in the Austrian village I grew up in, I was surrounded by music. One of my first and strongest musical memories is of having a ladybird turntable, I played it so much it was demolished in the end.”

This weekend Cassy plays a special disco set at London's 93 Feet East, a rare one-genre set that taps into her childhood lust for disco anthems.

Digging through the crates, you can expect all-out bangers and rare cuts working side to side. Here, Cassy picks out some disco hymns for your weekend listening...

I was born in the 70s and I remember all of these songs from my childhood as my Dad was listening to them very much...

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - 'Cherchez La Femme'

This is one of my favourite tracks in general. Incredible mix of music styles. One of the founders of the band I later found out, was a very educated and super progressive guy. Very original, and the singer is incredible. Still one of the best songs I know!

Sister Sledge - 'Lost In Music'

I LOVED Sister Sledge as little girl. Their smiles and voices and outfits. This is one of the best disco tracks ever. I can cry listening to it, it’s so beautiful.

Alicia Bridges - 'I Love The Nightlife'

Who doesn’t love this disco track!? It just makes you dance. I love her voice. I will never tire of this song. NEVER.

Cheryl Lynn - 'Got To Be Real'

This track is so timeless I can’t believe it is from 1978. It was on one of my dad's many tapes that we listened to in the car together. I have very good memories to this song. 

Evelyn Champagne KING - 'I Don't Know If It's Right'

This is an incredibly sexy track, so beautiful and very disco. You can really get lost dancing to this track. Definitely one for the ladies.

Sylvester - 'You Make Me Feel Mighty Real'

His, voice, style, everything. What an original character. I remember being extremely happy to have him reappear in my DJ life in house music. Sylvester is a staple figure and legend in dance music.

Michael Zager Band - 'Let's All Chant'

This is this is so 70s. It's such an iconic disco track as it is vocals and voices not a song. Incredible how it is produced and set up like a club track. I remember singing to it as a little girl, my childhood is this track.

- - -

Catch Cassy playing a special disco only set at London's 93 East on August 25th - tickets.

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