Rebekka Karijord, David Cronenberg's Wife, Singing Loins, AC Newman...

Hear the twelve song Cargo Collective album for November 2012 from our friends at Cargo Records featuring Rebekka Karijord, David Cronenberg's Wife, Singing Loins, AC Newman, Darren Hayman, Lovely Eggs, The Soft Moon, Lone Wolf, Chelsea Wolfe and Indian Handcraft.

Rebekka Karijord - We Become Ourselves
Control Freak Kitten Records LP / CD

Norwegian singer/songwriter’s 3rd album scheduled to be Mojo’s World Music Nov album of the month. Drawing comparisons to Kate Bush & inevitably Bjork. A dark and deeply personal album exploring issues of life and death.

David Cronenberg's Wife – Don’t Wait to Be Hunted to Hide
Blang CD

David Cronenberg's Wife continue their psychotic post-punk explorations of the dark side of humanity. “If Nick Cave isn’t unpleasant enough for you, this is treasure”. (TimeOut)

Singing Loins - …Here On Earth
Damaged Goods LP / CD

Notching up 20 years as Medway's finest alt-folk combo, The Singing Loins' 12th album has all their classic hallmarks - great songs, great production - yet takes their sound ever onwards, more textured and nuanced.

AC Newman - Shut Down The Streets
Fire Records LP / CD

The most powerful and personal solo work to date from the New Pornographers’ founder, ‘Streets’ is an album of understated elegance and strength.

Darren Hayman - The Violence
Fortuna Pop! 2LP / CD

Sir Darren Hayman's latest is the third and final instalment in his Essex trilogy, a double album of strangely beautiful, haunting songs about the Essex witch trials of the 17th century.

The Lovely Eggs – Wildlife
Egg Records CD

Wildlife is yet another wonderful and unique album from a band who encapsulate everything that is exciting about punk rock. Expect fuzzed-out guitars, crashing drums and gritty British northern surreal lyrics.

The Soft Moon – Zeros
Captured Tracks LP / CD

The Soft Moon waxes again, returning with a most vicious, seething and focused second album: Zeros, out November 5th on Captured Tracks.

Lone Wolf - The Lovers
It Never Rains Records LP / CD

Lean and concise, The Lovers subverts expectation from singer-songwriter origins whilst expanding on the hooks. For fans of latter-day Talk Talk, Tom Waits and Radiohead.

Inca Babies – Deep Dark Blue
Black Lagoon CD

The 6th Album from Inca Babies reflects a re-shaping of the Incas sound into a perhaps seasoned & yet wilful approach to guitars, percussion & offbeat narratives of tall tales & extravagant characters in the Deep Dark Blue.

Chelsea Wolfe – Unknown Rooms : A Collection of Acoustic Songs
Sargent House LP / CD

The experience of Chelsea Wolfe’s first acoustic emanation “Unknown Rooms” is like a secret shared, a side of our heroine rarely seen or heard, and the making was as intimate as it gets.

Indian Handcrafts - Civil Disobedience For Losers
Sargent House LP / CD

Canadian power-duo Indian Handcrafts’ well honed, massively melodic debut seems to belie the simplicity of instrumentation between drummer/vocalist Brandyn James Aikins & guitarist/vocalist Daniel Brandon Allen.

Scott & Charlene's Wedding – Para Vista Social Club
Critical Heights LP / CD

Aussie slacker-pop gem that has the psychedelic swagger of the Velvet Underground, the bruising energy of the Stooges and the pop sensibility of the Go Betweens.



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