Briston Maroney Deep Dives Into His Record Collection

Briston Maroney Deep Dives Into His Record Collection

It's a denim shorts themed journey...

Briston Maroney is a true one off.

Still only in his early 20s, the songwriter is currently working on his aptly named Miracle Singles, created in London with Jim Abiss.

The run follows his outstanding 'Indiana' EP, with Briston sharing his remarkable, addictive new single ‘Steve’s First Bruise.’

Clash invited Briston to jot down a playlist of his Influences, and the copy came back scrawled with details of his diet, astrological observations, and an insistence that this be termed his 'Denim Shorts Playlist'.

Here's what we found out...

Hovvdy - 'Cathedral'

I came about this song at the turn of the season this fall. An in-between space in which physical outdoor activity could cause unpleasant perspiration if dressed for colder days, yet doesn’t welcome the normal summer garb including breathable, light sportswear. With 'Cathedral' playing in my Altec headphones I’d acquired in a move, I found the solution to my problem.

A pair of cut-off Levi’s laid in near prophetic positioning in the corner of my room, serving me the perfect middle ground in which I could remain in the summer mindset of wearing shorts, whilst providing a slight bit more insulation for my thighs in the Autumn evenings. A great track all around.

- - -

Neil Young - 'Out On The Weekend'

Bert and Ernie. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Me and tax evasion. There are many great combinations in this life, three of which I just listed. The best of them all, however, includes this beautiful self aware Neil Young track, and a nice pair of denim shorts.

This year was filled with many unforgettable moments of solitude, but those I hold in the highest regard often included 'Out On The Weekend' coming through car stereo speakers to serve my shirtless and jean shorted body driving to a buddy’s house to see what we could get into. A great track all around.

- - -

The Replacements - 'Unsatisfied'


Oh shit, you just crashed daddy’s Pontiac into the drive-through window of your local fast food joint on a date with Wendy Carrol when you were you supposed to be home studying for the Chemistry final. Looks like you are grounded for the summer before summer even started.

You get home, with only your record collection and kid brother to keep you company all summer, and put on 'Unsatisfied' to feel a little less alone. You swing, sway, and smash your childhood sports trophies all through the room, alone yet one with your emotions. 

What are you wearing the whole time? You guessed it, cut off LEVI jean shorts, boy. A great track all around.

- - -

Nap Eyes - 'Mixer'

Talk about a Brooklyn Beach Baked Bum anthem! Ive loved this song for years and it has made its way back into my heavy rotation as fall sets in. This song tells a story I feel like I don’t deserve to understand, which is part of why I love it.

I do keep finding myself painting the picture of its protagonist as a 17 year old runt with legs as skinny as Twizzlers that end with calf high jock-socks and white Adidas Stan’s, and start out of his/her cut of jean shorts. A great track all around.

- - -

Van Morrison - 'And It Stoned Me'

I owned this record on CD all through my youth and was always a little too shaken up by Morrison’s intense glare on the cover to ever dive into it. As I got older and realised it could cause no serious harm, I decided to give this record a listen. I'm very thankful I did.

The album is riddled with anthems, but 'And It Stoned Me’ quickly became a personal favourite. It makes me think of days in which my grandfather would drive me and a friend out to a pond we’d heard about from some older kids to try our best to catch some largemouth bass.

My grandfather was such a cool guy, so cool that he could even pull off jean shorts. A great track all around.

- - -

Tyler Childers - 'Country Squire'

It's about time someone took life by the reigns and twisted its mystical ways into a song like 'Country Squire'. From what I understand, it’s an ode to Tyler’s 53 year old camper in which he plans to live his fullest life.

This hits home, for I just recently purchased a 26 year old Jayco motorhome that I plan on investing far too much time and money into. With the territory of dated travel vessels comes a certain requirement, one that I was gladly willing to be a part of.

It requires that you listen to this song 10 times daily, and find yourself a damn solid pair of jean shorts that stretch well to wear while you get under the hood.

- - -

Souls Of Mischief - '93 'Til Infinity'

This song fucking rules. I found this song after diving in the soundtrack of Jonah Hill’s “Mid-90’s”, which in itself is beautiful. This song has become a summer-solo driving favourite, and hits my ears multiple times a day at this point.

This song ties into the jean shorts theme in a very meta way. I recently got to play at the Austin City Limits Festival, one of the first shows where Ive gotten to hand select the walk out music. We walked out to this song, ready to rock, sporting my favourite pair of jean shorts I own.

If you ever get the chance to walk into any situation to this song in jean shorts, I couldn’t recommend anything more.

- - -

Catch Briston Maroney at the following shows:

24 Bristol Rough Trade
25 Manchester The Deaf Institue
26 Glasgow The Hug and Pint
27 Leeds Community Room @ Brudenell Social Club
28 London The Lexington
30 Brighton The Hope & Ruin

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