Bright Light Bright Light Reviews The Singles

Ft. releases from Charli XCX, Hey Colossus, Le Youth...

Ending 2014 on a high, Bright Light Bright Light performed live onstage with no less a talent than Sir Elton John.

Keen to keep the momentum moving, Rod Thomas has released new EP 'There Are No Miracles' last week.

The title track was stripped from his recent album, and is about “about seizing the moment and making your own luck by hard work.

This is what Elton has taught me, and what the last year has been about.  I hope the joy my band and I felt throughout this whole experience comes across on these exclusive live recordings.”

Out now, Bright Light Bright Light kindly agreed to assess some of the competition. Here are his thoughts…

– – –

Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora – 'Doing It'

I think Charli is a fantastic songwriter with a brilliant pop voice. For me, this is my favourite of her singles in terms of the production and her vocal delivery. Kind of like how I prefer Gwen Stefani's 'Cool' to the much bitter hits of hers. It's a shame there tend to be so many other vocalists on Charli's as I really don't think she needs them – I'm not sure Rita Ora is completely necessary here as Charli seems to be nailing the vocals pretty well! Hit.

– – –

The Coronas – 'Just Like That'

Everything about this reminds me of 2005/2006. The video is awesome but really reminds me of the kinds of cool videos people were making around then. This band have a strong catalogue but compared to, for example, 'Closer To You' I don't think it has as much bite or attitude. Decent song though. They clearly know what they're doing this is maybe just not the best choice for a single.

– – –

Hey Colossus – 'Sisters & Brothers'

I remember watching Hey Colossus live about 10 years ago and even though it's about as far away from my pop tastes as you can get they blew me away. I'll never understand what they do, but I'm pretty sure that they're very good at it. I could never make this – so bravo!

– – –

Imagine Dragons – 'I Bet My Life'

They're massive aren't they? I don't know much about them but I've seen the name around a lot. This is quite epic isn't it. The chorus is very 'Days' (those endless days, those sacred days) but it's a total ear worm. Production is really on point and the whole thing sounds huge, like it's already been in a film that defines your life at 15. Has it? They're great at writing anthems.

– – –

Le Youth – 'R E A L'

I love Le Youth. And I really love this track. The production has lots of space and it's so nice to hear a dance track without a massive vocal (even though I love a huge diva vocal). Feels like the perfect kind of track for Winter / Spring – it's sweet and dreamy and reflective. I secretly love a spoken bit in a dance track too. I want to hear this on a huge sound system this Spring. Maybe with a Gin and Tonic. Great.

– – –

Rick Ross ft. K Michelle – 'If They Knew'

In a world where lots of artists have channelled this kind of production and sound (that snare, oh my God), especially in the last year, I think this is not the strongest track. Video is super boring. I can totally imagine hearing the song on the radio but it's not a classic. K. Michelle has a perfect voice for the track, but nothing about the song stands out beyond sounding like a well-produced song that sits nicely alongside others. Sorry!

– – –

Bright Light Bright Light's new EP 'There Are No Miracles' is out now.

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