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It's difficult to define the impact Booka Shade's album 'Movements' had on its release in 2006.

German electronic music already had a rich lineage, but it tended to dedicate itself to techno, to the minimal strains of Cologne and Berlin.

This duo, though, weren't minimal: they were LOUD, they were brash, and they were ready to rock. Yet they could also bring things down, with 'Movements' shuffling through several different phases, flirting with the ambient before dishing out some crunching beats.

Re-mastered and re-issued in time for its tenth anniversary, 'Movements' sounds as good as ever. Expanded with a few choice remixes, Booka Shade continue to thrill in a way that few other production teams can.

Set to bring their 'Movements 10' show to London for a special show at the end of this month, Clash invited Booka Shade to guide us through their seminal full length.

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Night Falls
The opening track was one of the first we actually wrote for the album. It is meant to be like an overture in a classical piece, with a big melody a bit like Wagner, but with fewer instruments. It is a very minimalistic track, with a very funky bassline. It has the attitude of ‘say as much as possible, with as little as possible’.

Body Language
What a bassline! Without a doubt one of the biggest songs we have ever written. The original came out in summer 2005, the year before 'Movements' was released. In the beginning it wasn’t an obvious hit, it was 130bpm which is super fast for a house track and had a long pause. For the album we went for more of a relaxed home listening version. You also hear Walter playing the guitar on this one…

Paper Moon
We were deeply into field recordings at the time and when making the track we decided that it would fit very nicely to a bar atmosphere. We recorded some background noise in a restaurant in Berlin which helped set the tone of the whole track; easy, a little bit summery, jazz guitar. I remember in late 2005 we had a show in Ibiza, we sat on the beach Cala d’Hort opposite the rock Es Vedra, discussing the tracklisting and listening to the songs and I remember the baseline reflecting the atmosphere in Ibiza perfectly.

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The Birds & The Beats / At The Window
Probably the most funky track that we have ever done. At the time I was deeply into Herbie Hancock’s stuff, his fusion jazz style, so on this record you can hear a reference to his biggest hit 'Rockit'. We found these vocal snippets somewhere, I can’t remember where exactly, and just put this funky beat around it.

It's a bit crazy, very interestingly produced track. It's basically a two track song, with 'At The Window...' which is more of a contemplative interlude. We’re big fans of Tears For Fears which influenced this and adds a sense of calmness... like you’re looking out of the window and the world is OK.

Darko is always a rocker in our sets. We hadn’t played it for quite a while & bought it back for our Movements 10 live shows, it is always fun to play. I remember clearly the first time we played it at Electrosplash, an off festival of Benicassim. Back in those days we had a Get Physical stage with M.A.N.D.Y./DJ T & Darko went down well that day. It's quite interesting that we made the almost the whole track - melodies, all the synth sounds, with one plugin which we bought for about $15 called the Hornet, which was brand new at the time.

Pong Pang
During the production of the album, we had the feeling that we needed a track that was a bit more experimental, crazy, funny, with less focus on the melody and more focus on rhythmical and cut up effects. These days you do the stutters effects with a plug-in, at that time you had to work hard to get these effects done. I remember we cut all these little drums and synths sounds & little pieces and just looped them and worked in samples, back and forth. It was quite hard work to get this effect.

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Mandarine Girl
Another single that originally came out the year before the 'Movements' album. The album version is different to the 12 inch version and the riff has a lot of the 1990s rave euphoria sound. The name comes from an incident at the legendary club ‘Omen’ in Frankfurt where we used to go in mid 1990s to listen to Sven Vath's DJ sets…

Take A Ride
This is in the darker zone of the album, more atmospheric. I remember playing it to a friend of mine and he asked he ‘what is wrong with you?!’ because he thought that I must have an emotional problem to write these kind of songs! I remember our first ever A&R Goldie who worked at EMI, said that on a good album you need ‘irritations’ and 'Take A Ride' is a classic irritation, very dark and very funky. In the middle of the song you hear Walter on vocoder and later it goes in more of a Kraftwerk direction.

Wasting Time
I remember that we had the microphone open during the recording of the track and Arno played around with drum sticks and stuff to capture some of the studio atmosphere. The intention was to make it feel quite ‘alive’. The general idea was to have a very deep rolling track, with simple chords. There are some vocals, as usual for the time sung through a vocoder.

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In White Rooms
When we first wrote this song, we didn’t like it so much and hesitated to put it on the album. Our manager declared us officially crazy to do so and he was right, it became one of our biggest tunes! We also didn’t want to play it live at the beginning , so it was quite some time before if became an audience favourite.

Around the time we produced the song, we stayed in hotel in Europe (I can’t remember where now) but everything was white, the rooms where white, bars, lobby... everything! So that is where the name came from, no deep meaning for this song title... The track has the classic bass line/synth riff which became an integral part of our shows and our musical style at that time.

Hallelujah USA
This song was originally created and used for a movie soundtrack as an instrumental. We later found some samples, from an Emulator sample bank or something, and we thought the very dark atmosphere of the playback could fit with the image of an hysterical American TV preacher. The TV preachers make up part of a huge culture in the US, so that’s were the name came from, meant to be slightly ironic. We are playing it live for the first time at the moment in our Movements show, it's a good contrast to the rest of the album.

Lost High
The last song on the album, it is meant to sound like the end of a night as you welcome in the daytime. We always liked the night-life and the whole attitude of Get Physical back in the day, a feeling of togetherness and of love for each other. A very positive vibe, 'Lost High' sums up this feeling in a nice way and sets the feeling for a new day.

Night Falls (Nils Frahm Rework)
As nice and laid back Nils Frahm is as a person, he turns into a monster on stage! His performances are incredible. The way he moves from ambient atmospheres into techno vibes and plays sequences by hand is really something else. All of a sudden a classical grand piano makes total sense in the electronic techno world. We were very happy when we heard that Nils would do a remix for 'Night Falls'. His remix is the perfect soundtrack for a night-time drive in the car; mysterious, dreamy - somehow out of this world.

Body Language (Interpretation) (Chi Thanh Remix)
Chi Thanh is a true global child. With Vietnamese - Canadian - German roots, the music producer and DJ lives in Berlin. Apart from his own releases, he´s best known for his productions and remixes for Wankelmut, Lana Del Rey or Metronomy. he was even nomminated for a Grammy! He also happens to be a good friend of ours and released two solo singles on our Blaufield label. Chi Thanh was brave enough to remix ´Body Language´; not an easy one to work on, and he came up with a brilliant result. His remix inspired us to include elements of the remix into the Live version of 'Body Language' which we play at the 'Movements 10' shows.

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Wasting Time (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
Needless to say that we HAVE to talk about our buddies M.A.N.D.Y. here. our friendship goes back to teenage years, when we went to parties together and felt the same love for music. Years later we would found the Get Physical label together.

We produced all their early releases, and are proud of them because they are about to release their first own artist album in November. We came a long way together and separate, but we'll always have an eye on each other to make sure everybody is OK. The music scene and nightlife world is a dangerous place... they turn 'Wasting Time' into a wonderful after-hours track.

Mandarine Girl (Deetron Remix)
We've been a fan of Sam Geiser/Deetron for a long time. Swiss techno quality - never fails. One of the first productions we heard from him must have been 'Isotope' on N.E.W.S.; pretty sure sven vaeth played it when we danced to one of his sets... While we left it open to most of the remixers to chose which song they´d like to work on, for Deetron we felt that 'Mandarine Girl' would be a perfect fit, because we were certain he could handle the anthemic feel of the original and come up with something really cool. And so it happened!

Lost High (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
When you work on a re-release like we have done with 'Movements', you have a wish list with people you REALLY want on the team to make some magic happen. Dennis was very high up on this list. we loved many of his releases, from 'Sandcastles', 'Son Of Raw' or 'sinfonia della Notte' are all uber-classics. He's a very diverse producer, something we always respect.

We were quite curious what he would do with our song 'Lost High', the final song on the original 'Movements' album and a slow dreamy track. He took maybe more sound from the original production, but yet came up with something completely new, turning the song into an up energy dance track. Very interesting from a producer perspective. We like the mix so much that we took his remix elements and worked them into the live version of the song which we play in our 'Movements 10' Live shows.

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Booka Shade will play 'Movements 10' at the Royal Festival Hall, London on November 22nd - ticket LINK.

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