Beyonce Renaissance : Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Bey's blockbuster...

Find out everything you need to know about Beyonce Renaissance ahead of its release on Friday 29th July 2022.

Stop what you’re doing right now – it can wait. You might even want to sit yourself down for this. Honestly. And trust us when we tell you you’re going to want to hear this… Beyoncé has taken up horse riding. 

Well, kind of. While we’re unsure of the nature of the extent of Bey’s equestrian talents, the surprise drop of her new album cover definitely suggests she’s comfortable on horseback. Six years on from the magnificent audio-visual extravaganza that was ‘Lemonade’, the surprise announcement of Beyoncé’s next studio album has taken fans by storm – and we don’t even have to wait that long for it. ‘Renaissance’ is set to drop this Friday, believe it or not! 

Overwhelmed? So are we. So, let’s take a moment to work through all we know so far about Beyonce Renaissance…

Beyonce Renaissance – The Lowdown

A new Beyoncé album!? What’s it called?

Beyoncé’s seventh studio album will be called ‘Renaissance’.

When’s it out?

Beyonce ‘Renaissance’ is out July 29th – otherwise known as this Friday.

I can’t possibly wait that long – can I hear any of it right now?

The recent single ‘Break My Soul’ is the first taste of the record so far, so feel free to have that on loop for the next 72ish hours.

Do we have a tracklist yet?

We do indeed! Beyonce Renaissance has sixteen juicy new tracks to sink our teeth into…

1. I’m That Girl

2. Cozy

3. Alien Superstar

4. Cuff It

5. Energy

7. Church Girl

8. Plastic Off The Sofa

9. Virgo’s Groove

10. Move

11. Heated

12. Thique

13. All Up In Your Mind

14. America Has A Problem

15. Pure/Honey

16. Summer Renaissance

Any tracks worthy of note?

Apparently ‘Virgo’s Groove’ is the longest of the lot, coming in at a little over six glorious minutes long. ‘Energy’ is also tipped to be a dancehall extravaganza if the rumoured BEAM feature is anything to go off!

Any other featured artists we should know about?

Nile Rogers, Grace Jones, Pharrell Williams and Drake are also set to feature on the record.

Beyonce Renaissance - Drake

Beyonce Renaissance – The Sound

What will it sound like?

Well, luckily Vogue’s Edward Enniful has given us a teensie bit of insight into ‘Renaissance’s sound, the sly dog. Given the opportunity to listen to it in full at the Queen’s house in person, he has called it her ‘next evolution’…

“Instantly, a wall of sound hits me. Soaring vocals and fierce beats combine and in a split second I’m transported back to the clubs of my youth. I want to get up and start throwing moves. It’s music I love to my core. Music that makes you rise, that turns your mind to cultures and subcultures, to our people past and present, music that will unite so many on the dance floor, music that touches your soul. As ever with Beyoncé, it is all about the intent. I sit back, after the wave, absorbing it all.”

So… it’s good then?

What does the ‘act i’ part of the Beyonce Renaissance album announcement mean?

While there’s nothing confirmed about the ‘act i’ that precedes every ‘Renaissance’ in Beyoncé’s album announcement, we can of course speculate. It of course suggests that this album will have an ‘act ii’ coming sometime in the future – but when that will and just how closely it will be linked to the sound of ‘Renaissance’ remains a mystery.

The Release

What has Beyoncé said about the release?

Here’s what the Queen herself has said on the upcoming release: “Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world. It allowed me to feel free and adventurous in a time when little else was moving,” she writes.

“My intention was to create a safe place, a place without judgement. A place to be free of perfectionism and overthinking. A place to scream, release, feel freedom. It was a beautiful journey of exploration. I hope you find joy in this music. I hope it inspires you to release the wiggle. Ha! And to feel as unique, strong, and sexy as you are.” 

So – listen up people. Release a little wiggle for Beyoncé or else!

What about that equestrian artwork then?

Shot by photographer Carlijn Jacobs, the cover art sees Beyoncé takes on the role of Lady Godiva mounted upon an electro-pony. It’s striking and definitely adds to the mystery of what Beyonce renaissance is going to entail – it hints at some kind of electronic modernisation of the classics. The limited edition vinyl artwork takes on a much more classical look and feel, so there’s clearly a consciousness of old/new at play… But we’re just speculating here, of course!

How can I pre-order ‘Renaissance’?

Unfortunately all the Renaissance Box Set Pose 1 through to Pose 4 are sold out, as well as the limited edition Vinyl, but you can still get your paws on a CD here.

Words: Emily Swingle

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