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For most fans, touring seems like a dream.

A different city each night, all while being paid to do what you love - life can scarcely get any better.

Pablo Nouvelle is currently travelling across Europe, experiencing something new with each passing day. The band took a camera out on the road, recording some of these moments for posterity.

Clash is able to bring you a full gallery of these images, an insight into life as an artist on the rise. Pablo Nouvelle explains...

"The tour was pretty insane so far. We played up to three shows a day, from radio to television to the actual live show, which of course was always the most fun part. We all love to be on the road. Although you don't see much of the different towns when you travel like this, it's an amazing feeling to wake up in Amsterdam and only a few hours later you set foot in the hippest area of Paris to play a show. As we are not yet night-lining our way through Europe, we drove each day up to six hours by ourselves. It was really beautiful so see all those people showing up at our gigs. It still feels funny for me that there are actually fans out there in all those cities, waiting for us to come and play."

What was your favourite city to visit so far?
It’s hard to point out one city... Leipzig was pretty amazing. It's striking how the east and the west of Germany is still so different. While in a city like Heidelberg you feel the history of the country in each notch of a bar table, in Leipzig you can literally smell the potential of the city in the streets. As it’s still really cheap, it attracts a lot of artists from all over the world. Oh, and we went to a great Deli. Leipzig is like a little Berlin with out the tourists and hipsters. Yet.

Do you have any secret travel tips?
I love the Arabic and the Persian world like Algeria, Palestine and Iran. I've never been been welcomed so warmly as in those countries and I’ve never eaten so amazingly as in Palestine and Israel. The further you go off the beaten track the more interesting it gets. When I was visiting Iran, we hiked for several days through some Mountains called the Alamuth Valley. Altough we couldn't speak a word with the locals, we got invited in every house we passed. So we ended up sitting on carpets, drinking tea and making drawings to communicate.

How was Amsterdam? Did you explore the city?
We didn't have the time to see the city at all, we were running from radio shows to the TV stations to the venue and back… But luckily I’ve been there before. I love the canals, the little pubs and the crazy bikers. I thought I'm an insane biker, but those mothers who ride like Kamikaze with three to four kids on their ride are on a whole other level...

You're driving six hours per day - what's on the stereo? Do you play any games to pass the time?
To be honest, most often nothing at all, haha! It’s good to give your ears some time off. On the other hand, as our bus only plays CDs, our drumer brought all the classics with him, music we haven't heard for years: Air, Sigur Ros and The Fugees! How Many Mic's Do We Rip on the Daily, Say me say Many Moni, Say me say manymanymany!

What's the best thing about being on tour?
Being on tour means basically, take your music in your hands and carry it into the wide world. It's got something very old-fashioned and very direct, opposed to the omnipresent social media world we live in. The music becomes an experience for us as well as for the audience. It's all about that interaction through music, that's what makes us drive those thousands of kilometers. The best thing about being on tour is being on stage.

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