Auntie Beeb's new music team in the hot-seat...

BBC Introducing is one of the most important showcases for new music in the country, a place where countless careers have been made.

With strands in every region, the BBC Introducing team are able to shine a light wherever it is needed.

New compilation 'BBC Introducing Presents... Volume 1' is a twin-disc affair, featuring some of the brightest and best discoveries in the history of the project.

Out now, Clash thought it only appropriate to place some of the current BBC Introducing team in the hotseat for our weekly Singles Column.

- - -

Ed Sheeran & Rudimental - 'Bloodstream' - by Gareth Lloyd (BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts and Bucks)

This is the fourth track to be taken from Ed Sheeran's chart-owning 'X', an album that seems to have taken up rightful permanent residence around the top of the charts. For anyone doubting how long Ed can keep airplay domination up for, he's gone and joined forces with label roommate Rudimental to take it even further. With hypnotic bass lines and a drop that would shake your neighbour's house it's an inspiring assault on your senses. The gentle guitar-led verses perfectly conflict with the driving beat-frenzied chorus. Ed is able to shock and surprise with an unexpected musical journey.

- - -

Ed Sheeran & Rudimental 'Bloodstream' - by Dean Jackson (BBC Introducing in Nottinghamshire)

The track first released as an "instant grat" last Summer gets a Rudimental remix. It's a driving piece of mesmerising pop with Sheeran's effortless vocals gliding over the slick instrumentation which builds throughout. Having lulled us into suspicions of a gentle soulful composition the uplifting bass kicks in a euphoric fashion. I love the chunky bass layered over with the, at times, understated vocals. And just when you thought you'd got the template, in sneaks the brass! It won't appeal to the same crowd as 'Thinking Out Load' but it's not meant to. It reminds us of the many dimensions of Mr Sheeran and it's destined to be a landmark track of spring 2015.

- - -

Hudson Taylor - 'World Without You' - by Gareth Lloyd (BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts and Bucks)

'World Without You' is an insight into what we can expect from Hudson Taylor's debut album 'Singing for strangers'. With Irish flavours, a sprinkling of folk and a catchy melody it has everything needed to be a good pop tune. You can't knock the boys from Dublin with their perfect harmonies and a skill in writing a tune true to their routes but it just seems to lack something to take it from nice to great. It's a great tune and when the pounding heartbeat of a drum starts mid-track the roof of any live venue will be well and truly blown off but if this energy translates into a studio recording is questionable.

- - -

Ben Howard - 'Rivers In Your Mouth' - by Sophie Little (BBC Introducing in Norfolk)

There's a refreshing new pace and rhythm in this track that's not typically Howard and it contains the most satisfying guitar work on his album. A fleeting guitar slide that appears just twice is instantly nostalgic; it's a miniature treat almost Hendrix-esque in sound (and truly, there is no closer comparison). Some fans might miss big moments and perhaps a bit of light and shade – but they'll be overlooking how it stands up without that kind of pomp and performance as a decent and interesting melancholic lament.

- - -

Rae Morris - 'Love Again' - by Sophie Little (BBC Introducing in Norfolk)

A miniature Rae Morris lives in my ear, singing the chorus of 'Love Again' on repeat. No eviction required. A highlight on her debut album that feels like a signpost for where she might go next. It's an intelligent and emotive exploration of human yearning and vulnerability with Morris' recognisable key tinkling – but at the same time - a club-perfect, remix-craving, celestial anthem.

- - -

Saint Raymond - 'Come Back To You' - by Abbie McCarthy (BBC Introducing in Kent)

Since seeing Saint Raymond on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury a couple of summers ago, I've become a big fan. This song has all the components of a great indie-pop record: ace vocals, a catchy, energetic melody and an anthemic hook. I'm looking forward to hearing his debut album later this year!

- - -

Faith No More - 'Superhero' - by Abbie McCarthy (BBC Introducing in Kent)

I heard this premiered on the Radio 1 Rock Show by Daniel P. Carter and right from the start it's loud, driving rhythm is a punchy statement that they are back, it immediately grabs your attention. They've been away for a long time (since 1997!) but Faith No More's spirit and attitude remains, their sound has developed to stand it's ground in the landscape of the music scene in 2015, but it's not completely different, it's still a classic sounding, raucous rock record. In fact, it's such a hard hitting epic noise it could easily be a superhero movie soundtrack. It's no surprise at all that bassist Billy Gould has said how comic books have inspired him as a song maker.

- - -

Eric Prydz vs CHVRCHES - 'Tether' - by Bethan Elfyn (BBC Introducing in Wales)

Although this is an oddly comfortable marriage of international superstar house producer, Eric Prydz, and Scottish electro-pop diamonds CHVRCHES, I can't help but wonder if the remix's loss of the melancholy slow-drip start of the original is its biggest flaw. I'm sure in the clubs it'll be 'da bomb' but give me the album anytime!

- - -

Paloma Faith - 'Beauty Remains' - by Bethan Elfyn (BBC Introducing in Wales)

Deep, soulful, retro, and best of all – simple. Paloma's belter of voice, hasn't always had the best songs to peddle, but here's a great classic track, that with a few listens has the prospect for ear-wormery. One of the few great pop stars around at the moment – vocalising, politicising, dramatizing, and flouncing like very few around her - seeing her work with a truly great piece of music would be something.

- - -

Madeon - 'Pay No Mind' - by James Santer (BBC Introducing in Devon)

When I first heard 'Icarus' I knew it would become one of my songs of 2012. But of course, 'Icarus' was an instrumental record, so let's break down the French producers latest offering 'Pay No More'. As an instrumental piece I had to triple check it wasn't in fact Nile Rogers making a guest appearance on guitar, it's fun, it's funky and at times replicates the best pop moments from Daft Punk's 'Discovery' (2:19) or Justice's 'Audi, Video, Disco' (3:50) but lacks the raw energy and power of previous work.

One of the major factors three years ago was that this 'kid' was only 17... Madeon can't boast that anymore, and I wouldn't be doing my job as a BBC Introducing presenter if I didn't suggest that there are now younger producers making great electro house tracks in their bedrooms and university dorm rooms... Duplex Sound, Takao, Libra and Joba Delirious are just some in Devon doing that very thing. But don't get me wrong. The 'Adventure Live' tour will be in full swing by the summer, and I'll be one of the first to make sure I'm part of his audience. I have faith that the live set and album will be a banger, even if this track is not.

- - -

First Aid Kit - 'Waitress Song' - by James Santer (BBC Introducing in Devon)

I didn't even need to listen again to First Aid Kit's latest 'Waitress Song' when approached to write a review. The album 'Stay Gold' was probably on constant rotation on the car stereo for about six months from last summer. This still does exactly what you would want and hope from the Swedish duo, stunning harmonies, stirring strings and lyrics that encourage you to paint vivid pictures of the American mid-West in your head. Go and get the album, it's one of the best of 2014.

- - -

'BBC Introducing Presents... Volume 1' is out now.

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