Bandcamp Are Waiving Their Fees - So Here's Seven Essential Picks

Bandcamp Are Waiving Their Fees - So Here's Seven Essential Picks

And we could have chosen many, many more...

So we’re all in lockdown or self-isolating/distancing. We are at war with panic buyers and morons who refused to stop going to the pub. Gigs, performances, festivals and all over events have been cancelled leaving the arts in a right mess. BUT there is something you can do to help while you are at home and relieve some of that boredom.

Today – March 20th - Bandcamp, the global streaming/purchasing platform, is waving their fees so all the money goes to the musicians. Thousands of labels, bands and stores are offering deals, bundles and new releases. To list them all now would be as tedious as someone panic buying toilet paper and Dragon’s Blood hot sauce, but here is a list of seven that you should check out over the next 24 hours.

- - -


Abstract R&B Queen Klein has dropped a new EP, ‘Summon’, today.

Last year Klein released the career defining ‘Lifetime’. It was an album that saw her step up to a hitherto unthought of level. ‘Summon’ feels like a companion piece to it full of the ethereal atmospherics, skittering beats and with Klein’s usual aerobic lyrics.

Needless to say, it’s also brilliant and essential during this lockdown period. Plus, it’s only £4. What are you waiting for?

- - -


As we’re all going to have a bit more free time, why not try and find new music to fall in love with. This is where Bristol’s Kindarad come in handy. Since 2012 they’ve been releasing some of the most forward thinking music imaginable.

After a two year hiatus they returned on the sixth with a new MXLX album ‘Serpent’. This slow-burner has gradually become a contender for album of the year. But if this wasn’t enough MXLX dropped a new album on the 13th ‘Burden’. This is a studio version of his current live set. The digital is £7, but there is a sweet CD for £10.

- - -

Hidden Bay Records

French indie label Hidden Bay are offering bundles and reduced prices on their cassettes. For €4 you can pick up a copy of either You're Jovian, Little Star, Suburban Pets, flirting., Meager Benefits or Johny Shitbag & The Smokes.

The label is also offer a three tape and badges bundle for €16. Here you can pick up a copy of Whitelands – Compilation, Docks - Terracotta Ladder and Plainbow - Super Super Super. All deals include MP3 downloads. They have also just released a new album from Sustains and have bandges and shirts for sale too.

- - -

Natural Sciences

Fans of clipping. and Death Grips will not want to miss out on Mr. Fix Your Mind to Die’s ‘Combat Shock’ on Manchester’s Natural Sciences.

This is a gloriously terrifying trip through guerrilla hip-hop as he discusses a country in decline. Lyrics like “There isn’t anything anymore” feel almost prophetic than when it was first released in January.

The digital is £6.99 with a limited cassette release for £7.99. There is also a fanclub option for £5.

- - -

Outsider Art

At times it has felt like end of days over the past few weeks, so why not listen to something that sounds like it too. Noise label Outsider Art has decided to make all their digital releases name your price.

If you’ve every wanted to get into noise and more extreme kinds of music then now is your time. The music has an unsettling feeling to it, but there are moments for reflection interspersed in the, well, noise.

This is music to play while looking into the void.

- - -

Blackest Rainbow Records

During this period of self-isolation, it is important to keep surprising yourself. That that range between flipping a coin to decide your lunch, consulting the i-ching on what to wear or getting a mystery box of records.

This is what Sheffield’s Blackest Rainbow Records is offering. For £15, plus shipping, you’ll get a mystery box of five records, double’s count as two though. You could receive 1 x10" / 1 x double LP /2 x single LPs, 1x10" and 4 x single LPs or even 5 x single LPs but it will always total 5 records. Oh, if you get a copy of Acid Birds-‘III’ you are in for a great day!

- - -

Disillusion Dot Dot Dot

As a lot of us will be working from home, I’m at home now, we’ll need something to soundtrack that. You can go for an old favourite, but why not listen to something that murmurs gently in the background and won’t distract you with massive sing-a-long choruses.

Brighton’s Disillusion Dot Dot Dot has been releasing the ‘A Vision’ series of undulating drone since January, with he final part in the series being released today. Karl M V Waugh has released five pieces of music filled with field recordings and gentle drones that act as a companion to home working.

There is enough going on that you can lose yourself in them, but at the same time they fill the silence of homeworking with familiar sounds and tones. Each one is name your price.

- - -

Words: Nick Roseblade

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