Lengthy house re-work

Taking time off from Vampire Weekend, Chris Baio decided to indulge his secret passion.

A long time DJ, record hoarder and House evangelist the producer recently unveiled a new pseudonym - Baio - and a solo EP. Sun drenched house symposiums, it's gentle pull and tug won admiring glances from dance cognoscenti and Vampire Weekend fans alike.

Spawning a handful of mixes, Session Victim recently strolled in to re-work 'Sunburn Modern'. Stretching out its house vibrations, the remix has a tribal, percussive feel without losing sight of the original's gaping, wide eyed innocence.

Handed to Clash as an exclusive, you can listen to the track below.

- - -

'Baio' is out now.

For their part, Session Victim are teaming up with for a Stattbad party. Taking place tomorrow night (September 29th) the bill is headed up by a five hour DJ set courtesy of Daphni.

Event link.

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